Virginia Is For Bikers

My husband made a trip to Bland, Virginia, for the annual Honda CB1100 Forum rally. Because money is tight, I stayed home this year. Next year will be better, I’m sure.

Here’s a few pics from the journey.

Left top: Riceboro, GA – Hubby was waiting for his ride. Oh, didn’t I say? He was towed up on a trailer. My idea. What can I say, I worry.

Right top: Bland, VA – I forget the name of the hotel where most of the forum members stayed. I’ll have to ask him again.

Right second down: Burke’s Garden, Virginia – The store is owned and maintained by Mennonites. They offer excellent food with very clean, inexpensive, smiling faces.

Bottom – Two photos from just outside Burke’s Garden Store. Isn’t it lovely there!? Everyone there had a great time.

Ride Safe. ~:)

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