Garden Bacchanalia

The garden is producing like gangbusters! I’m having to call all my local friends to come share. It’s amazing how many people one can feed from a teeny tiny vegetable garden. Another plus is convenience, fresher tastier food, it’s safer than something that was handled by strangers, and one doesn’t pay any taxes (part of my Atlas Shrug program – feed me but starve the monster government).


This feast is being donated to my very dearest local friend Vicki. She and her family need prayers, by the way. It concerns domestic and financial issues not of their doing. Thanks so much.

Jack and Sam III ‘helped’.

Look at the teeth on Jack! We’ve nicknamed him Jaws. Sam is perpetually happy. They don’t look it but they’re brothers.

Have a blessed day folks!

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11 thoughts on “Garden Bacchanalia

  1. Jack and Sam are adorable! Oh how I love them.
    Your veggies looks so fresh and tasty – in this day and time, it is nice to know that your food is safe by handling it yourself.
    I’ll pray for Vicki.
    I’ll send you a good squash casserole recipe separately – made it yesterday.


  2. Y.U.M.M.Y.–I am up and running now…smiles…thank you sweet friend. Blessings


  3. I am a little confused at the moment. You and Linda both have moved to WordPress. I dont know how to add you here, but dont want to lose you either. HELP!!!


    1. Hi Linda, Thank you for wanting to follow! Please, anyone, jump in here if I’m mistaken. To follow any blog on WP either click on the READER button (top, left hand side) and add this address, click FOLLOW. Or at Blogger home page (, add the in the add section there. Either / both work. I think that’s all. Please e-mail me if there’s any problems: . Thanks dear friend! CYA on the airwaves. Luv


  4. Wow, very different format than my WP…but every nice!
    Congratulations! I hope you never have the problems I suddenly developed at WP! 🙂


    1. So far … no problems. Sorry to hear you’ve had some. At least, for now, I feel like writing again. There’s no more wrist / hand pains plus the blog is behaving. Hope that lasts. [fingers crossed] lol 🙂


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