The Phenomena That Is Trump

This is a fantastic article by Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal that explains Trump’s popularity in a nutshell. I’m not familiar with Ms. Noonan’s writings, so, I’m not sure what side her bread is buttered on this election.

It pains me to admit this, but at first, I didn’t like Trump. At all. I still don’t “like” him. As a person, I mean. I would never consider sharing a meal or even engaging in any conversation with him. But when it comes to elections, elect ability, and leadership that should be irrelevant. Putting someone in office because they’re ‘pretty’ or say nice things is a major part of what’s gotten us into the pickle we’re in now.

And since there is no other choice … certainly neither Hillary the murdering-lying-shrill-beast, nor Bernie the communist crank, are not an option for a right minded Christian, guess I’ll have to use my precious vote to ensure that neither of those two win.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. — Edmund Burke

I pray good people won’t let Hillary nor Bernie triumph.

All I can add is, I’ve been doing a lot of sighing at the TV this election. I’m sure I’m in good company.

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9 thoughts on “The Phenomena That Is Trump

  1. I would like to sit down and have a talk with him…he seems like a regular person (albeit it rich one)—I think, jmo, he loves the country and he decided to run when Obama was mocking him at the Correspondence Dinner a few years back…I am firmly on Trump Team. No Billary, no Bern. No 3rd Candidate. All these fats cats in Washington need to go. Smiles


    1. So that’s what promoted Trump to run. I also believe that Trump does not hate our country and at least he is an American, not only by birth but by affection. Our PotUS DingleBarry is a mockery. Shame on anyone that voted for him and triple shame on anyone who votes for a Demoncrat OR a 3rd party. Thanks Linda. I always enjoy your point of view on things. Praying for you today and all this week. May the LORD bless and keep you. 🙂


      1. Yeah, at least that’s what I think anyways…especially since the current president has really made a mockery out of this great country (I’ll leave it at that). Ok, need more coffee before I head out. Have a beautiful day friend.

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  2. Got to vote for Trump. Cant stand to look at Killery and/or her husband. I dont know what Trump will actually do, but anything would be better than her or Bern. So glad we are on the same page….

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    1. Oh yeah, I’m voting for Trump. I just with “my” guy was the Nominee but I think our country is too decadent now to back away from the precipice. We just can’t let the Socialists (Dem or Repub) in office anymore. Anyway, Trump may not be so bad. At least he does believe in free enterprise and what’s left of my retirement savings is cheering for him! 🙂


  3. I can’t do it but I certainly understand why you can. And I agree the blog looks great! seems like something is missing in the favs tho 🙂

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  4. OY! How could I forget my buddy Jerry! I am so sorry. My face is red and I’m not even Indian. giggle That’s what happens when you let a blonde have a computer … brain fade. Geez. Anyway, it’s been corrected. Thank you for letting me know. And if I’ve left anyone else off, please correct me!
    Thank you for the follow and hope your day is blessed. ~:)

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