Decorative Collectable Plates

One of my dear sweet blogging friends, Mildred, asked yesterday if I could share photos of the decorative bird plates I like to collect. These are all in the kitchen as I’ve run out of walls in the rest of the house.

Stylized birds by unknown artist(s)

I wish the artist had been allowed to sign these yellow plates as they are two of my favorites. For some reason they remind me of the old fashioned German style of decorating, only less blue.

Another unsigned decoration.

Blue Bird (left) and Baltimore Oriole
by Don Eckelberry, distributed by Avon

My husband found the two by Avon at a local thrift store. He would like to find a couple more if anyone knows of a source or location. He prefers bird photos and paintings that look ‘real’. Me, I go for flash and color but I’m quirky. *wink*

These little numbers are by Jonathan Byron under the Americana Signature Collection series. I know, how could one eat off such a plate! *giggle* I know, they’re not made for that. They sure collect dust but a good gentle washing now and that solves that problem.

Same artist, Jonathan Byron.

Of course, the Red Birds (Cardinals) are my favorite. They’re displayed in a prominent place in the kitchen so I can see them from the living room. There’s a lot of Red Bird decorations in our home.

Artist unknown. Stamped with W. P. I.

And one plate that isn’t a depiction of a bird at all. I put the Magnolia image in the middle of all the other plates to kinda soften the bird motif.

Hope y’all enjoyed the stroll through my kitchen. Gotta get out the vacuum cleaner now to erase all the foot prints. *giggle* Have a blessed day my friends.

Ride Safe Sparky Redbird PNG

13 thoughts on “Decorative Collectable Plates

    1. Seems like all I do is clean since we have two dogs. Hubby always quips, “It’s the wages of sin, my dear …” He always makes me laugh. Luv ~:)


  1. You have a wonderful collection. I am partial to the Red Birds too but that Oriole is pretty too. Now when I am out thrifting I will be thinking of you and looking for bird plates. I was dusting a “hard to clean” trinket earlier this week and dropped it – shattered in a million pieces…ugh!

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    1. Oh my sorry to hear about the trinket disaster! It grieves me whenever I break one of my favorite pieces. Hubby has a gentler hand. I usually pass that off to him. 🙂


  2. I figured that. 🙂 I’m gonna have to do the same thing to leave a comment on Simply Linda’s blog. I can’t comment there either!


    1. I think you have to c lick on the button: WORDPRESS ACCOUNT or other…just saying, lol—waving to Mildred.

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  3. Waving to Linda!!! Sparky, I was just showing John your plates. We looked on ebay under Avon Plates. It’s fun to see what is being offered. John and I both frequent about 4 diff. thrift stores, so we will be looking too! love you.

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  4. They are fun to collect and enjoyable to view.
    Hope you’re well soon AOW and back to posting soon. Prayers for you. Blessings. ~:)


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