Happy Caturday

cat in blinds

Gotta funny cat graphic or photo to share? Why not join me and we can have weekly Happy Caturday pics.

I’ll just hang around right here … Ride Safe Sparky Redbird PNG


7 thoughts on “Happy Caturday

  1. This is especially funny to me! I am always trying to capture a cat moment on film! Hope your Sat. is great. I do have a funny cat photo that I will post. Is there a way to link back to you or just share your url?? Mildred

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    1. Anyway you’d like my friend. I just thought it would be fun to have silly cat photos on Saturday. Thank you so much for participating! Luv ~:)


    1. Welcome back.
      Yes, the message is Blogger has PO’d me one last time. Thus the move. Simply Linda and I think some others moved to WP. Have a blessed day. ~:)


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