50 Murdered, 53 Injured By Muslim Terrorist

Omar Manteen, a sworn enemy of the United States, walked into a homosexual bar in Orlando, Florida, and proceeded to murder 50 people. At this time there are 53 injured. I’m guessing that the death count will rise as many succumb to their wounds. So many lives where ruined in just the blink of an eye because our government wants this to happen. Deepest sympathies and prayers for all those involved in this tragedy. Special prayers for our First Responders that they may stay safe too.

And as if that tragedy wasn’t sad enough, the man who calls himself Obama said that Muslims are not the problem, that “We” are. Uh, excuse me, but please explain to me when Christians have ever murdered anyone? Never! [And don’t go saying that it was done during medieval times because those that practiced that where not of a Christian faith.] Christ teaches love, patience, forgiveness and salvation not hate or anger.

Well, allowing this other political system (Islam) in our country has made the chickens come home to roost. Neither the government nor the military will help us. Be armed, be aware, and be careful. And don’t forget to pray.



7 thoughts on “50 Murdered, 53 Injured By Muslim Terrorist

  1. I have been waiting for you to post…I figured you would…I personally find it appalling that he decided to acknowledge this terror act, but not the Chattanooga nor the St. Bernadino terror acts. And he has the nerve to go after guns in his little speech…shaking my head…still not wanting to call it what it is…

    Yes, friend…the chickens are coming home to roost…roost they are. I want to send you over to Sebastian Gorka’s website (http://thegorkabriefing.com)…you will enjoy reading him, smiles. You should of seen his face after Obama’s speech—Gorka was on Fox…priceless, the look. (and it is in on his website now.) Oh how I would love to spend time talking to that man. smiles

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  2. I just want to say one more thing…it doesn’t matter what color, race, creed, gay, whatever, we are Americans. It has warmed my heart to see people lined up to give blood, handing out water and so on. That is something that these terrorists will never understand…we might argue, bicker and not approve of whatever, but first and fore most, we are AMERICANS and we stand together.

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