Thankful Thursday


This is my first Thankful Thursday.

Earlier this week, my dear friend in north Georgia, Mildred, whom I am so very thankful for, sent the lovely card profiled above here to Red Bird Acres. Isn’t it pretty!? I wish birds would share, like in the drawing. Unfortunately, the animal kingdom isn’t as magnanimous as we humans. But I know that God instilled in us compassion for our fellow man and creatures. It’s one of our ‘god like’ features. May we all strive to be more loving today. Spread a little sunshine in these dark days so that He may be glorified.

And even though life becomes more of a struggle every day thanks to the poor economic future and the wickedness of our leaders, I am so very thankful that our loving LORD Jesus Christ died for our sins, that all my live forever with Him. Nothing can separate us from His love. Nothing.

Hubby recently learned that his brother and wife of 40 years are getting a divorce. And we thought they where enjoying wedded bliss. (One never knows, does one!?) To be polite, they’re not my favorite people in the world. I haven’t seen or spoken to them in over 18 years because of their poisonous dispositions. However, I am broken hearted to hear this. So, I am thankful I have a husband that loves me despite my multitude of faults.

If it doesn’t rain, we may ride to Waycross today to meet with friends for lunch. I hope your day is also joyful, kindly, sweet and loving.

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5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Divorce is always a bitter pill to swallow, and sorry to hear your news about your brother in law. Sure hope you get to ride today…it is beautiful here, with low humidity…love it!

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    1. We almost got to ride, but the sky turned black, so, decided against it. Now it’s hot with 63% humidity. My hair is totally flat! lol I am so ready for Fall and it’s not even Summer yet. Luv ~:)


  2. So sorry your trip was postponed due to the weather – my hair “shrinks” in this humidity!!! I too am ready for fall – summer is my least favorite time! Glad you liked the card and your friendship is truly a blessing. So thankful for all my blog Christian sisters.

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    1. I have naturally curly hair which I take great pains to straighten. When the humidity is high, I turn into a brillo pad. I really should quit fighting it and go curly.
      You’re a treasure too. Thanks so much again!
      Luv ~:)


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