Tip Toe Through The Georgia Flowers

Ok, I’ve turned the news off. Again. Can’t take it. (I know, what a wuss .. *lol*) So before the 99+ degree heat with high humidity is to hit today, I took a stroll through the flower garden next to my office. Hubby snapped these with his nice ‘new’ Canon EOS 5D. It was gifted to us by our dear friend in Maine, Kirk.

By the way, ever notice how close “media” is to “Medea”, the evil witch of Greek mythology? Hmmm …

Hope you can tune in, tune out, and enjoy. Stay cool y’all.


Siggy MC Ride Safe 1

  1. Gulf Fritillary on Zinnia’s
  2. Spicebush Swallowtail
  3. Zebra long wing
  4. Giant Sunflower
  5. Green Darner dragonfly in our vegetable garden
  6. Red Poppy

8 thoughts on “Tip Toe Through The Georgia Flowers

    1. I think it’s suppose to be about that temp here tomorrow. Sure hope so. 100 degree weather is not my cup of tea! Have a lovely rest of the day my friend. ~:)


  1. Beautiful flowers…you did a good job! I have stopped watching the tv also…cant stand listening to the lies and junk. I cant look at O. or H. and T. is beginning to get on my nerves as well. Stay cool my friend.

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    1. Ice tea, ice cream, and snacks. [It is the Deep South, after all.] Y’all come on by!
      May the LORD bless and keep you. ~:)


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