Thankful Thursday

Gee, whiz, I forgot. It’s Thankful Thursday and I haven’t posted in awhile.

After being thankful for the eternal salvation given to us by our loving LORD Jesus Christ, I am secondly forevermore thankful to Willis Carrier for air conditioning and the mass production of same. Without it no one could live in the South and stay sane. Even the Indians used to leave in the summer, I believe. Well, if they where smart they did. I’ll bet air conditioning greatly reduced the incidents of violence after everyone could stay cool. Really. I think it did. I enjoy reading old newspapers from the late 1880s – early 1900s, and it was like the old West around here. Golly.


Need I say more? 🙂 *sigh*

steve with slingshot 2016

Hubby next to the new Slingshot by Polaris

Yesterday, we drove up to Savannah to visit a new motorcycle shop. Can’t remember their name, which is irrelevant anyway, because I can tell just from one visit they’re not going to stay in business long. First, they don’t like to pick up a ringing phone. Then there was no sign or products by the road indicating that they even exist. After numerous attempts to find them, we stumbled into the showroom none-the-worse for wear. Upon arriving to the store, there was no initial greeting, no salesman to speak to us, and so forth. Saddens me to say it, but they’re not gonna make it. I can read the signs.

A few months ago, a dear cousin granted me a limited access to the genealogy website library edition for my genealogy research. (Hurray, an inside activity!) One of my favorite families or names to research is my Sweat family of “Wiregrass” Georgia. I’m related to them through my great grandmother Mrs. Rebecca Jane Sweat Moore. They are such interesting people. Anyway, this week I found what must be hundred’s of old obituaries for these folks at the site. After printing them all out, I’ve been transcribing them for my Family TreeMaker database. I’m having way too much fun here. 😉

Tonight is the monthly Storehouse* at the Church where we feed those in need. I was going to go help serve but a bad case of the “I’m tired of the heat” set in plus I hate to spend anymore money on fuel. Hubby is beyond tired. Poor man is not sleeping well. Guess I’ll stay home. Tomorrow evening is Bike Night for our monthly F.A.I.T.H. Riders. Now that we’ll be at albeit in the cage (truck).
*EDIT: I just learned from fellow Church attendee’s that Storehouse is next Thursday. My bad … 

And that’s all that’s going on in our part of the world. It’s too dadgum hot to enjoy riding. I am not a summer person. Is it Fall yet? *lol*

Siggy MC Ride Safe 1

6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. from Liam, “I love it Steve!! Looks like one of those Lotus 89’s.”

    Cool beans, Dave & Liam went over to Arkport cycles not long ago…everytime we go there, we think of you guys. UGH I do not miss the south, No one here has central ac, I guess it really is to expensive…ugh

    Y’all stay safe and cool. Blessings

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    1. I thought of the Lotus too, only this has 3 wheels and is classified as a motorcycle. It costs about the same as other 3 wheeled M/C.
      Summer can be brutal anywhere, to be sure. I worry about the elderly having proper cooling. So many people die when it gets like this. Hope y’all can stay cool too.
      Luv ~:)


  2. We are struggling in the summer heat too. I adore fall weather! That’s too bad about the new shop – some people just start a business with no common sense, at all! Our local post office along with a grocery store collected canned goods etc. from each city resident a few weeks ago. They say that children, especially, suffer with hunger during the summer months when school lunches are not being offered. Hope you both rest well tonight. xoxo

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    1. I hear that many children do go without proper meals during the summer because of their non-parents. There’s also a program here to help them sponsored by local Churches. Y’all have a wonderful day too. Luv ~:)


  3. Yikes! Triple digit temps. That will melt the peaches 🙂 Stay cool, Sparky. Going through the old obits can be very enlightening. With the death of newspapers and the printed obits, I wonder if our descendants will have the same opportunity to research their roots.

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    1. These triple digits can go back to h-e-double sticks where it came from! It probably is cooking the peaches on the vines. My plan when “finished” (cough, smile) is to print all my genealogy research in a book form and donate it to the local Library. Hope it survives whatever is in our future. If the communism/socialism idiocracy can be defeated in our country, it will be bright. We’ll see. ~:)


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