Trump And Our Saviour

A dear friend in North Georgia sent me the link below yesterday. I hope that it’s true that Donald Trump has accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour for his own eternal salvation. Personally, I don’t trust the opinions of many of these so called “Leaders” in the “Christian Community”. So often they have their own skewed opinions not based on Holy Scripture about what constitutes salvation. But, this may be real and Donald Trump could be trusting in our LORD Jesus Christ which would be grand!

Evangelical Leader Applauds Trump For Relationship With Christ.


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3 thoughts on “Trump And Our Saviour

  1. I think, it is not up to me to decide if he is or not–I think the Bible states that…I read the same article and perhaps, this is the reason for the slight change in his attitude/demeanor. One would hope that he would accept the Lord as his SAVIOR–isn’t that we all hope for everyone? Have a joyful day, friend.

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  2. Hadn’t heard that and, of course, I’d be thrilled, but it makes no difference to me as far as my vote. He has it. I am highly suspect of presidents who claim to be Christians and can’t think of many who were worth much.

    So glad to find you here. You are the second or third blogging buddy…do we call you Wordy buddies now?…who has made the leap in recent days.


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