Last Friday’s Bike Night

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With all the hub bub going on, I forgot to post about last Friday’s F.A.I.T.H. Riders Bike Night at the Church.

There was a good turn out, about 30 or so. At the previous meets, there had been more attending but I think with the summer vacations and such, many are out-of-town. We’ll let it slide … this time. *grin* It was fun, nonetheless. I heard that at least one new person gave his or her heart to the LORD. I didn’t look when we where all in prayer and there was a request for a show of hands to anyone who wants to be saved.

My Father is glorifed by this: that you produce much fruit and prove to be my disciples. As the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you.” [John 15:8-9]

James and David set up a small obstacle course with cones for those who wanted to practice their riding skills. Hubby and I left our mounts at home since we live so far away and it was really unbelievably hot. Plus our one-mile of dirt road was in terrible condition. Always is during June because the Road Graders stop working. I have been praying for over 23 years that our county would pave it but apparently our end of the county doesn’t count.

Anyway, I hope your day is blessed my friends.

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  1. Top photo – all the bikes lined up for show.
  2. Pink shirt – The lovely and gracious Ms. Jane. Although she’s not a rider but she’s just as welcome as can be. Such a dear lady (good cook too!). We first met her at her place of employment, a local grocery store and we share Sunday School rooms, so, we’re doubly blessed to get to be in her company often.
  3. More of the riders. The fellow in the bright yellow shirt is another dear friend James. It’s his fault for us finding this church and our new friends. His wife Brenda is just as sweet.
  4. Hubby and Mr. Farr chatting about something. He’s a great guy. Always has a smile on his face and a kind word to share. He’s one of our ‘greeters’ at the Church door.
  5. My sweet husband acting silly. My cup truly runneth over.

5 thoughts on “Last Friday’s Bike Night

  1. You mean your HANDSOME hubby! I’m SO glad you enjoyed that lovely night!
    I wanted to tell you I took dinner to a friend whose husband’s ailing last night and got to know her a bit better…she has foreign students in her house all the time, who pay, and she really enjoys it. One Taiwanese girl , upon hearing Dottie is a Christian (and lecturer for Comm. Bible Study, by the way) and goes to church, said “Well, I’m not into that…In Taiwan we make ourselves the best we can be…”
    A week later, the girl ON HER OWN asked to go to church.
    Two weeks later she did again, saying “I’d like to receive Jesus”
    and she did.
    NO coaxing from Dottie! SHe got baptized while here and, years later, has been walking a very straight with the Lord.
    Cool, eh??

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    1. Very cool indeed! I love to hear the stories of how others reached Christ. And don’t you wish WP offered an “edit” button on comments?! I know I do … grin Also, I’m deeply honored for the “follow”. Thank you so much.


  2. Any time I hear someone accepted Christ as their Savior, it makes my heart jump for joy! Great pictures, great friends, great fun. You are blessed to be part of this group. I am blessed to have you as a friend. Happy Wednesday.

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