The Disgusting Hillary Verdict


I’m still so disgusted at the FBI’s comments concerning Hillary Clinton’s crimes that it’s been hard to put into words how angry I really am. But, let’s start at the beginning of the iceberg that’s above ground.

I think my husband may have figured out part of what happened here. The Clinton’s aren’t called Slick for nothing. This whole “accidental” meeting on the tarmac thing that was allegedly “secret”, notice how it was out in the open and the news “accidentally” heard about it? Uh huh, now the mental juices are boiling. Well, Hubby said it appears that Slick is making sure that the FBI is the fall guy for this verdict all in an effort to make Hillary look all doey eyed and innocent. They’ve done this to soooo many others … before their untimely demise. You know, she was baking cookies and such. Oh, I’m not saying that Comey is innocent either. Oh no. They’ve either got something exceedingly dirty on him or it’s for money and power or he or family have been threatened with bodily harm. I listened to the verbal report. Comey did look under duress like a prisoner making hand signals that everything is not OK in paradise, while he parroted what Clinton or Lynch or some other toady insisted that he say and he did say that Hillary is a liar. Remember how even that ‘small’ item of lying to the American public or Congress would have been cause for alarm amoungst the American people? [crickets] Well, guess that ship has sailed.

Now it’s up to the Trump magic machine to do something with that in their advert’s and tear her a new one. Often.

I comfort myself with the knowledge that, “Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all.” Friedrich von Logau [1654]

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14 thoughts on “The Disgusting Hillary Verdict

  1. The news had no idea…there was a local reporter who found out thru a tip (confident) and so, him and his crew went to the airport and confronted the situation, the FBI (protects Lynch–not the Secret Service) told him/them no cameras, no comment etc. This was no accident…sickening….yes, it is. SHAMEFUL. Don’t get me going, sweet friend…don’t get me going.

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    1. I know, I’ve had to calm down a bit meself. Being angry doesn’t get these people in jail where they belong. I still wonder about the reporter getting a tip. This is a highly organized crime syndicate. They’re pro’s when it’s comes to deception.
      So glad that you’re one of the smart ones that knows, and understands, what’s going on.

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      1. O’Reilly had the reporter on—and it has been verified (about the reporter). I don’t know… about being one of the smart ones…I might find myself having a accident via (read bunkerville). lol

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        1. Anyone who can see through the government smoke screen is smart in my book. As so often in life, it takes guts to speak the truth when everyone else is comatose. Stay safe out there.

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  2. How many other meetings were there. We will never know until we get Trump in for Prez and Rudy as Attorney General. Another reason to vote for Trump. P.S. think I have your blog figured out..

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    1. That’s what I wonder now!? How many other meetings where there??!! And probably still going on while Clinton pats himself on the back for finding yet more patsy’s to do his bidding. I tell ya, these people are EVIL and WICKED. I pray that others are awakening to this fact as well.
      Thank you for taking the time to figure out WP. I appreciate that so very much. I still can’t post a comment on your blog for some odd reason without using another account.
      Have a blessed day Bunkerville. Stay safe.

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  3. Bill Clinton is the most competent crime boss extant. He plays the “Drive-by Media” (Rush Limbaugh’s term) like an Amati. Hillary in comparison is an inept, incompetent loser; her only claim to fame being married to a skirt chasing rascal with the Devil’s own luck. She was fired from her position with the Watergate investigation as a young attorney. Her boss at her dismissal calling her dishonest. Comey’s press conference is the perfect political ad for Trump. Comey lays out the actual findings of the investigation which are in total disagreement with Hillary’s own words. Trump needs do little than compare her sound bites with Comey’s to make her lies come to light.

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  4. Sparky!
    I wrote this morning:

    Listening to Comey just now, I’m reminded of a prisoner of war signalling with his hands that he’s being coerced to say what he is saying.
    His conclusion utterly flies against his presentation.

    Great minds!

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    1. That’s too weird! But his mannerisms reminded me of a POW in front of an enemy’s camera. do do do do Thank you for the compliment.
      Have a blessed evening.

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  5. I feel the same way you do. Our Pastor talked to us tonight and gave us this verse: Lamentations 3:21
    ‘This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope.’ We have to have hope to get through this period in our country….hope that God is in control and whatever happens, He knows about it and we need to cling to Him.

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    1. How absolutely true. We need to cling to Him more than ever. And PRAY, but I know that everyone that reads my blog does that.
      Have a blessed evening my friend. ~:)

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