Officer Down


In loving memory of those brave men and women who sacrifice all that we may live in a lawful society. Rest in peace. Please know our prayers and thoughts are with the widows and orphans created by the Democratic Party today.

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8 thoughts on “Officer Down

  1. Sparky, I am SO overwrought by what happened last night (as you can tell from my post!) that what you wrote is making me CRY, I swear. Last night, I felt a very odd feeling….I felt compelled to be in prayer for those policemen and their families…like God wanted me to pray for them. It was a bad feeling , though…bad because it feels so hopeless.
    And there was Obama stoking the fires, blaming this on inequality, etc!! “Oh, God, heal our lands, be with these poor families whose men were shot in the back….please bring CALM and LOVE to our nation. Amen”
    I am so sad.

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    1. Amen to your thoughts.
      I’m so upset that, really, words are failing me. I just wanted all our police officers and security people to know we love and appreciate them … the demon DingleBarry and his henchmen be damned.
      Now you know what I think about them!!


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