For The Protestors



[Note: This post is for the alleged ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd. Not my regular readers. Regular programming shall resume later. Thank you.]

Shut up.

Go home.

Get a job.

Ever stick your hand in a gator hole? Well, you protesters, that’s what you’re doing. You’re gonna get the arm bit off clear up to the neck. That’s a bleed out and not conducive to life everlasting. Remember what the Apostle Paul said in Romans: 

“God gave them a spirit of stupor, eyes so that they could not see and ears so that they could not hear, to this very day.” [Romans 11:7 b]

Can’t you see that you’re being misled by wicked men and women who in turn are listening to all of mankind’s adversary the devil? And he certainly doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Everything you’re doing is counterproductive to a happy life. You’re cruising for more trouble than you’ll be able to handle without giving your hearts to Jesus Christ, so …

Shut up.

Go home.

Get a job.

Go to Church.

Don’t be a tool for wickedness. Learn to live peacefully and surely goodness will follow the rest of your days.

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12 thoughts on “For The Protestors

    1. Thanks Linda, I’m sure all my Christian followers are on the same page. Since my blog get’s reposted “out there” in virtual land, I just had to put in my two cents. These people are just wasting time and spirit when they should be focusing on spreading good. I also pray that the devil may be bound that the gospel of Jesus Christ be proclaimed.
      Have a blessed day my friend.

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  1. you keep making me cry! BRAVO!! (I will now send you my Kleenex bills!!!) 🙂 Right after I write to the Dallas police chief and tell him his press conf. answers made me proud to be an American again. We ALL SHOULD DO THAT> I’m going to go blog his contact information, come to think of it!
    And he mentioned GOD…….hurrah!!!!

    I LOVE THAT GUY! SUCH good input at that presser…so dignified.

    XXX Z

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    1. I have a cabinet full of kleenex. Been using them a LOT these days! Since I’ve quit watching most news, I missed the Press Conference. [I listen to Classical on DirecTV. Clears the mind and soothes the soul.] Wish I’d seen it now. I’ll pop over to your blog and find his contact info. BTW, our Pastor mentioned that if all Christians would get on their knees and PRAY, what a difference that would make! You know, I think he’s right.
      Thanks Z. Always enjoy your input. Have a blessed day. ~:)


  2. These protesters have there ire misdirected. It should be be aimed at the culture of entitlement that has kept so many in poverty, destroyed families, promoted immorality and cultivated generations of young violent men without jobs or direction and filled with hopelessness and hate. They need to know that there is hope, love and fulfillment in Christ Jesus. God will show them that their lives and all lives are dear to Him and that violence will only make these problems worse.

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