My New Set Of Wheels (1972)

My new bicycle

What’s the single dumbest, or dangerous, thing you’ve ever done? It must be a sure sign of advancing years because I’ve thought about this for awhile and came up with one that’s a real whopper. That’s fit to print, that is. It’s deeply imprinted in to my memory.

It was about 1972, during the reckless, halcyon days of my youth in central Florida. My only means of reliable, rapid conveyance was still two wheels. However, my legs where the motor. We weren’t a wealthy family, so, the brand new Western Auto 3 speed bicycle was lovingly cared for because I knew that there’d never be another while I was under their roof. I thought I was hot stuff on that magnificent metal steed pedaling around Titusville with nary a care in the world. Well, things were about to get a lot hotter.

One sunny midsummer day, out of sheer boredom, I decided I wanted to go to the beach and not ask for a ride. At that time my parents house was 24 miles from doorstep to Playalinda Beach. “No car. No problem.”, I thought, “It only takes about 30 minutes to drive there, right? Sure, it’ll take longer, but how hard can it be?” Famous Last Words.

My long time High School pal and partner in crime that day, Shirley, said she’d like to tag along or maybe I coerced her. I can’t remember. She was an adventurous sucker soul any way. We left early the next morning planning on spending the whole day lounging on the sand, lunching by the shore and swimming in the waves. Well, four hours later, we drug our worn out, dehydrated, deeply burnt carcasses up from the road onto the dunes. I swear I could hear the fiddler crabs laugh as they ran away to their muddy burrows. We looked out over the crashing waves, and in hoarse unison proclaimed, “Look how late it is! Guess we’d better start back!”

So after yet another four hours of beating sun, grueling pavement, vultures circling overhead, we made it to our respective homes. Do you know neither one of us could be touched on our backs for at least a week?! That was really stupid on my part. It was very fortunate that neither of us got sun poisoning.

And Shirley didn’t speak to me for a whole week. Not until our next adventure any how. Bless her heart!

Siggy MC Ride Safe 1

14 thoughts on “My New Set Of Wheels (1972)

  1. {{giggling}} I think we all have done stupid things…we lived in Ocala and were a mere 45 min away. Yeah, going thru Silver Springs and the Ocala National Forest was a big thing back then. Thanks for the memories, Sparky. Waving to Steve and the boys.

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    1. In 1972 you where a tiny kid, right? giggle I was two years from graduation. The Ocala National Forest was still a big thing when we left Florida in 1993. We used to love going there and playing in the woods with our dogs. It was a lovely area. Probably all built up now. Luv ~:)

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      1. I was 5 years old in 1972—my parents have lived there for 41 years now…we moved to Ocala when I was 8…I dunno, haven’t been back in say—10 yrs(?)….the forest burned down several times since then.

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        1. OOPS! Sorry about the unfinished comment above. I Still can’t find where to COMMENT here other than to REPLY…what’s wrong with me? Oh, well…
          This was fun to read but the PAIN of your backs! OUCH!! I guess you have ALWAYS loved bikes, right? 🙂

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          1. That’s Ok Z. I thought maybe you had to drink lunch after the gloomy forecast SF quoted on your blog. giggle I know things are bad but being a historian, I know that people can change, go back, get better. It just depends on what happens next. I’m not giving up. There is a big movement on to pull us back to goodness kicking and screaming. Just be patient. It took over 100 years for us to get into this toilet we’re in now. It can always improve. ❤
            And, yeah, I’ve always had a soft spot for two wheels, motorized or driven by Shank’s Mare (legs).
            OK, to comment go all the way to the bottom and click on the thing that looks like an envelope with a cancelled stamp. If this theme is too confusing, I’ll change it ’cause you’re not the only one that’s been confused. 😉
            Thanks so much! Have a wonderful day.


            1. Oh ya, I REMEMBER now…I did it the other day, then forgot to go all the way down…thanks, Sparky!
              And thanks for the encouragement…there are days lately that I’m SERIOUSLY considering shutting down the blog…after about 10 years….I just can’t take the negativity, not just at my blog, but everywhere!
              I do look for good, I’m usually an optimist, but Trump gives me so little hope. Of course I AM an ANYBODY BUT HILLARY girl, but…. this is tough!
              Let’s hope our patience and trust in God will soon show us our optimism was right…Thanks so much for yours. xxx

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              1. Z, you are an encouragement to so many of us.

                Hope is elusive when we look to other people – and especially to twenty-first century politicians. Just remember, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He who has begun a good work will complete it. In other words, there’s a new world comin’. The road’s gettin’ curvy, so just hang on. 🙂

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  2. I remember the first time you related this tale of woe to me. It’s still funny and so typical of the things teens do. I can think of silly stunts like this from my teen days also; combinations of poor planning, youthful confidence and naivete.

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  3. At least you had the sense to immediately head for home, rather than hitting the beach for a few hours and then having to ride home in the dark. So happy to hear a sunburn was all you got. Could have been so much worse! Great story to tell now, though!

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