Redneck Humor

Ok, I can’t resist since I live amoungst them. Hope you get a belly laugh too. [click tiles to view separately]

Aren’t they a hoot!?  I think my favorite is the “Property Protected By Fire Ants” sign. I need one of those! *lol*

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11 thoughts on “Redneck Humor

  1. I could use the fire ant sign too! These are hilarious and most also apply to Florida! I really giggled at the “Live here and walk to Walmart and McDonalds” sign. I told someone the other day that the place we are hoping to move to (a 55+ community) has a Walmart within walking distance…and that I might try to work as a part time greeter!! LOL Seriously! No McDonalds, but there is a Hooters right there. Joe is looking into part time work there! (kidding on both counts, but we’re having fun with it).

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    1. I know you’re just teasin’. 🙂
      I estimated we spend around $500-$1,000 annually controlling fire ants. They’re beneficial and keep an area clean, but goodness they love to bite my toes. Ouch!
      Have a blessed day. ~:)


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