Fun With Mr. No-Shoulders

(Today I’m allowing a Guest Writer on my blog, my husband. If you haven’t run for the exits and are still talking to me after today, I’ll return soon. Enjoy.)

One of the nicest things about living in this part of Georgia is the variety of animals. We have the usual deer, turkey, and song birds but one of the most interesting are our reptile friends: the snakes, lizards and turtles. The most curious of these fellow residents is a reptilian thespian of the highest order, the Hognose snake. They are non-venomous, amusing, and unusual. The name Hognose is derived from their upturned, swine like snout which is used to root for toads under the soil. They are either spotted or solid black at maturity. Most are less than 2 feet long but I did find one that was over 4 feet.

Wasn’t that hilarious!? They’re one of the few snakes that will not bite when provoked but instead go into entertainment mode. The “threatened” snake will spread a cobra like hood and hiss loudly trying to convince the aggressor that they are dangerous. If this doesn’t work, the next tactic is absolutely cartoonish. It will roll over onto its back over and over, extending its tongue and finally play dead. If you pick it up, it’ll keep trying to roll over and assume the position. I guess the Hognose thinks that all dead snakes should be laying on their backs. After a period of time, it will flip back onto its stomach, check to see if the coast is clear then carry on. If it had a face, I guess it would be trying to save it.

Wiregrass Steve

13 thoughts on “Fun With Mr. No-Shoulders

    1. The non-venomous Hognose can be found in the valley’s but y’all have two venomous ones: Copperhead and Timber Rattle snake. I’d wear shoes and carry a stick.
      Have a blessed day may friend. 🙂


  1. Steve!!! ewwwwwwwwwww….You did that just to annoy the heck out of me…(rolling laughter)–you can keep that snake and all crawly creatures down there, thank you very much. (me rolling laughter)–love you guys…have a beautiful day, but seriously, keep that stuff down there, LOLOLOL.

    Waving to Sparky and the boys…

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        1. Not trying to annoy really, just a snake “pep rally” of sorts. I’ve always had pity for snakes as they are so misunderstood. They are harmless creatures, important to the ecosystem and fast disappearing because of habitat loss and senseless killing by people. The Hog Nosed Snake is a perfect example; people around here believe they are venomous and kill them on sight. Honey Bees are more dangerous.

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          1. give me the honey bee any day over the snake, Steve. (more laughter)–you know I am just kidding around and teasing you…wish you could see and hear my laughter and the ewwwwwwww comment.LOLOLOL

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  2. That video is quite funny and I learned something new today, so thanks for that! I’ve not seen one of those snakes down here in Florida. We see black racers mostly and they are not dangerous either, though they will bite. Sparky, it was a fun introduction to you hubby!

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    1. Thanks Terri! I think I’ve convinced him to start writing on his own blog as well. He’s a brilliant writer, a good Christian man and fun to live with. If/when it’s up and running I’ll give it a shout out for anyone that wants to follow. Stay cool. It’s suppose to be over 100* again all over the Southeast. Yuck. Hope your day is blessed. ~:)


    1. Thank you for indulging me. I finally convinced Hubby to start his own blog. I’ll share a shout out of his “address” later when he’s ready. God bless and have a wonderful afternoon fellow Patriot! 🙂

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