Hillary Is Morally Bankrupt

What a week, huh? I’ve stayed off the media channels for the most part but know that they are full of crooked Hillary and her antidotes. That woman is morally bankrupt. Her brain dead minions are out there rioting, wearing rainbows, chanting colors, holding up cardboard box signs, walking around in circles chasing their own shadows. Color coordinating their lives and second guessing their own plumbing before deciding which toilet to use at potty time. Sickening. 

I viewed the video below at Bunkerville‘s site this morning and had to share. I really think that Adrienne’s Corner is onto something.

If this woman is elected, just imagine the continued damage she’ll do to our once admirable Country. Wanna talk about a wall? Look at the wall Hillary is building between Americans that was started by the man that calls himself Obama.

Please continue to pray for our Nation. We sure need it.

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15 thoughts on “Hillary Is Morally Bankrupt

  1. “second guessing their own plumbing before deciding which toilet to use at potty time.” oh my gosh, I just spat out my coffee, giggling.

    Amen, sista’ preach on…So thankful you turned me onto Bunkerville and now Bunkerville has turned me onto Adrienne’s Corner. Do you know, I can no longer look at the rainbow thinking it is morally wrong? Sigh, how sad is that?

    Waving to Steve and the boys…smiles

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    1. I know! It just dawned on me (I’m kinda slow that way) that the devil has taken many things in God’s perfect creation and the English language (one of the best most versatile languages on earth) and corrupted it by associating these things with wickedness. The Rainbow is one of them, there are others.

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  2. I watched that video too, and it is amazing to me, that she is even still running for President. She needs medical help, mental help and people just keep ignoring her problems. How can people even think of voting for her to serve as the leader of this country? She is a sad human being.

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  3. What a sad commentary for our country that people would even consider voting for this prevaricating deceiver despite her total lack of qualification and moral character other than her sex. Sadly, I believe that fully half the population is too clueless to be allowed the vote.

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    1. Well said, as always! What worries me is the over 50% of the population that are so clueless, they probably don’t even know that there’s an election this year. And when they do finally realize it, they vote name recognition or sex or race to satisfy their own shortcomings. Scary.

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    2. GENDER not sex! LOLOL…(I am teasing you, because this past semester it was drilled into my head it is GENDER! Whatever!)

      How sad it is folks are voting for her just because she is a female. Liam swears she is gay.

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      1. Personally, I think her preference right now is power. She’s a user to be sure.
        I know you’re teasing. Actually, “gender” is another basdardized word. It means “to copulate, or to breed” [Websters]. Sex means Male or Female as well as the act itself. I swear the Libtards are trying to blur lines. I refuse to play their game and won’t go along with it. I’ll probably be one of the first ones they kill if/when the HildaBeast takes over.

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