Hillary Clinton’s Doctor Carries An Anti-Seizure Injector Pen?

Bunkerville posted an interesting article this morning that I think my followers will also find informational:  Hillary Clinton and the dude (Doctor) that carries anti-seizure injector pens?

Not only is Hillary Clinton an habitual liar, a murderer, a dangerous individual but she is either seriously mentally or physically ill. In either case, she is unfit to hold any public office. She is a failure, a disaster, a clown in a pant suit and wants to continue the failed policies of the Marxist plant who calls himself Obama.

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11 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Doctor Carries An Anti-Seizure Injector Pen?

  1. This is just the most bizarre incident to date, medically speaking that is. IMHO anyway. She is surrounded with folks giving her instruction and ready to assist her an the drop of a hat! Honesty is NOT a strong suit for her and her owing what is really going on doesn’t seem to be forthcoming any time soon.

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  2. If one puts in Hillary Clinton and Parkinson’s or seizure a whole bunch of stuff comes up. Just saying….wink

    She is just unfit mentally and emotionally to handle the job.

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  3. Why cant the woman admit she has a physical problem and get help, instead of continuing to try to be President. She is just not fit in any way, to hold the greatest office in this country.

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  4. The Dems don’t care if she has an impairment. They figure after she’s elected she can always step down for health reasons, handing the presidency to her Veep. The real RHINO’s came out in force today also breathing venom against Trump. They’re so afraid that he will destroy their time honored system of political corruption that enriches them and the rest of the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned America about in the 1950’s.

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    1. Boy, that was evident wasn’t it! Even Charles Krautheimer PO’d me today. He’s obviously in the Rep-Dem back pocket like so many of the Country Club variety. They don’t care about the country, just their bank accounts.

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  5. The only thing wrong with capitalism or politics is greed! Once they figure out money=power, or power=money they and we are doomed


    1. Actually, Capitalism does work. America hasn’t practiced it since the early 1900’s after the Robber Barons got together out here on Jekyll Island, Georgia, and set up the Federal Reserve, thus preserving their legacy. The main problem boils down to the fact that our Nation stopped practicing Judeo-Christian values over 100 years ago. Now the populace is hopelessly uneducated and they have no desire to fix that. “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.”

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