Would You Pay To See The Movie Of Your Life?

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On the very last panel of the September 2016 Cycle World magazine, is a well done advert for the Indian Scout Thunder Black Smoke that asks, “Would you pay to see the movie of your life?”

Now that’s a question isn’t it?! Would you? At first I thought “Good grief no, I’m too boring”. But then I started thinking back on some past adventures in this my brief 60 years. There’s quite a list. Let’s see, I have SCUBA dived all over Florida in some really not very safe conditions, swam with Shark and Barracuda (not by choice) and Manatees (by choice). Had a blast traveling throughout the good ‘ol U. S. of A. on a shoestring. Worked for a temporary accounting service all over Jacksonville when the world was young and made friends with loads of people infinitely more interesting than me. Owned a Bass boat that saw a lot of water time. When in season, one could find me hunting deer or small game nearly every weekend. I’ve survived losing my Mother, Grandfather and Uncle at 10, an abusive, uncaring father, drove the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado between Silverton and Ouray in a junky American rental car that I irreverently dubbed The Butt Pucker Highway, one tornado, many hurricanes, more surgeries than I can count, and several lousy Presidents. Even once rode the Tail of the Dragon on the new V-Strom (my Guardian Angel declared “that was enough!”). I’ve had the privilege to own a ‘sleeper’ muscle car, and numerous motorcycles. I’ve even met famous actors in the 1970s when our High School choir was invited to sing at Disney World for Christmas.

After all that, needless to say, I don’t have a shy bone in my body. *grin*

So, yeah, I guess I would pay to see a movie about my life, but only if I was allowed to edit out the cursing and some other events. *cough* Must be careful of the ratings, you know. Without divulging too much, let’s just leave it at I was a bit of a feral child before giving my heart to Christ. It’s amazing how if we allow Him, He can clean up all those dark corners. *wink*

He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from all their destructions. [Psalm 107:20]

I would love to hear about all the adventure’s my readers have had. And don’t leave out the juicy details! Thank you for not falling asleep. *lol* 

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