Anniversary Follow-Up

Hubby had asked me where I wanted to go for our Anniversary yesterday. There’s about zero restaurants to chose from in our neck of the woods if one wants what I call “atmosphere” (something other than a Convenience Store motif). The only decent places to eat for something really special is Jacksonville (2 hours South) or Savannah (2 hours North) or Brunswick (1 hour East) or even further East into Saint Simons Island. The Island has a myriad of fancy restaurants and activities, but the traffic can be nerve racking and neither of us was in the mood for that.


With those choices, I settled on the Longhorns Steakhouse in Brunswick.


I had a scrumptious 6 oz. steak with all the trimmings. Hubby had the salmon plate. Afterwards, we went for a scenic drive up the old US Highway 17 coast to Darien, then back towards home. On the way, I decided we should go home, get comfortable, put Jack and Sam in the back, and we all go have some ice cream cones at Dairy Queen. DQ offers a “pup cup” of low sugar vanilla ice cream for pets with any order.


When I told Jack (on the right) he went berserk with joy! That little guy just loves going for a ride but he really, really loves a “pup cup”. He started whining and bouncing around when we got close to the building. It’s funny to watch. Sam is always calm and cool about everything. All Sam cares about is the rubber ball.

It was an enjoyable day in The Big City with a little dab of ice cream on the side.

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12 thoughts on “Anniversary Follow-Up

    1. You are too sweet! Steve is the cute half. I’m the mean one. giggle Thanks again.
      I think Jack learned to get excited like that from me. I’m a sucker for DQ ice cream. They’re outside this morning running round and round and round in circles chasing I don’t know what. I wish I had their energy.
      Luv ~:)

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  1. Well, happy anniversary!! Now that I know where you live, for goodness sake, we really must work on a plan to meet in person! Our son and daughter-in-law live in Brunswick and we get up that way every few months. Why did I think you lived way “up north”?

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    1. Thank you Terri.
      That’s OK. Sometimes it’s hard to get a feel for where folks live with all our vague descriptions. I wouldn’t mind living a bit further North but in Georgia. It would be nice to get above the gnat line (into the Piedmont).
      Just one more month until Fall and cooler temps. One.More.Month. grin
      Have a blessed day. ~:)


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