11 thoughts on “And Then The Rains Came

    1. This silly WP … I set this up for Wednesday but it posted anyway. [shaking my head] Oh, well, no harm done. Hope y’all don’t get severe weather, the rain is nice though. I hope that drought is gone for good for all of us. Luv ~:)

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    1. Tell him, “Nah, that’s too slow.” roflol I don’t know why I have such a fascination for mushrooms. Maybe it’s a throw back to the psychedelic ’60s or something? giggle Luv ~:)


    1. Ditto. My favorite time of year is Fall. Actually anytime other than Summer suits me down to my toes. That’s one of 10,000 reasons Hubby and I left Florida. The season just never changed, it was always hot, and that’s very boring.
      Have a blessed day. ~:)


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