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Not much going on here, but just briefly, I am feeling SO much improved from this past weekend. The pain has subsided, now there’s only soreness. I can live with that. *whew* Thank you everyone for your prayers. God does answer prayer and His mercy is great. Thank you.

And it’s raining! It can rain every day and that makes me very happy. Glory Hallelujah! Plus, we have a houseful of food, everyone is healthy,  and nothing is broken. Thank you LORD Jesus. The blessings just continue. Which is wonderful.

Now I’ve got to play catch up on all the housework and projects since I was out of commission for about five days.

Hope your day is blessed my friends.

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17 thoughts on “Just Briefly

  1. LOLOLOL…I see the boss man is onto ya’ (wink and lots of laughter–love ya Steve). I am so glad your feeling better sweet friend…smiles

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    1. I do tend to over-do. That’s why I have such a hard time healing. Thank you for the prayers and the kind words.They are much appreciated. Luv ~:)


  2. GREAT that your arm’s already better..WHEW! And you have RAIN!? SEND SOME TO L.A.! (that’s Los Angeles, NOT LOUISIANA, of course!) When I see those homes full of water it makes me think we don’t do enough for folks in natural disasters..it’s BIG news for a few days, then we all forget and they’re in misery.
    I can never comment here if I go onto your site, but if I get the notice via email and click in, then I can. How weird is that!? But at least I CAN! Just thought that might help you figure out what’s going on, since you said some others had had problems commenting.
    Blessings, Z

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    1. California seems to be drought prone. You really should move to America. giggle JK Too bad Louisiana can’t share. That would help everyone. I know what you mean, we are bad about forgetting our own.
      That is weird about the comments. I’ll ask but don’t expect any answers. WP has terrible Customer Service.
      Have a blessed day and thank you for praying for me. You’re a sweetie. ~:)


  3. Hey Sparky, Glad you are doin better, but don’t over do, I’m the same way but as I get older I’m beginning to see the wisdom in taking it easy. So I’m a slow learner!! Don’t you be! 😜 Barney

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      1. Haha, not sure what’s worse recovering from depression or being hardheaded. I’m ok, as these thoughts and feelings come up I have to acknowledge them and let them go. Ignoring doesn’t help 😋 Barn

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