A Brief Candidate Comparison

For those still concerned about voting for Donald Trump, let’s briefly compare something.

Our current alleged leader and a Demoncrat who goes by the name Obama, plays golf and vacations yet again, on the millions he gets from us taxpayers, all the while pushing his homosexual agenda on law abiding Americans.

Crooked Hillary Clinton, another Demoncrat, takes yet another weekend off for medical reasons and/or to make sure she’s getting all her lies straight.

Donald J. Trump, running on the Republican ticket, visits the ravaged areas of Louisiana and WITH HIS OWN MONEY donates an 18 Wheeler worth of supplies to the victims.

That was easy. My mind is made up. 

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Graphic courtesy of Just Simply Linda

7 thoughts on “A Brief Candidate Comparison

  1. Excellent comparison…did you know Obama’s only move about Baton Rouge to date was to tell HHS that they’d better check that Blacks are being helped as much as Whites? yup. Now that Trump went,. Obama’s going Tuesday. After all the nasty insults to Bush during Katrina, Obama had the GUTS to say NOTHING to date about this catastrophe because he knows the media will always give him a pass.
    GRRRR!!! 🙂

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  2. Hey, thanks for the shout out—Trump/Pence actually gave 2 semis full and spent time with Franklin Graham with the Samartians Purse and spent 4 hours down there…and he told the press to knock it off and was clearly uncomfortable with being recognized as the giver, same as when he donated after Katrina and the EF Tornado 5. Just saying…

    Who has better character? The press that calls “loud mouth” and “racist”. wink.

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  3. I believe Trump to be a far better man than portrayed by the “Drive-by Media”. Women who work or have worked in his employ have very favorable opinions of him and his philanthropy is just becoming known although his colleagues report him as always generous. The choice in this election is easy. Vote for Clinton, a liar and felon. Third party, no you just cast a vote for the liar. Trump is the only sensible vote this time.

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