I Remember The 70s


who remembers the 70s

I do remember all these things since I graduated from High School in 1974. My first radio was a ‘portable’ (i.e. no Mack truck necessary for transporting) transistor. And it seems like every guy I knew had that famous poster of Farrah Fawcett in her red swimsuit on his wall. Now how could a ganky, pimple faced young girl compete with that!? *sigh*

Pamela D. Ackman (June 1974)

Yeah, that’s me, grinning like a mule eating briers. The nice gentleman handing out the sheep skin’s was our Principal Abraham Lincoln “Abe” Collinsworth (now deceased). I think my step mom snapped this little memento for which I am very grateful. Dad never took an interest in anything I did. And if I’d known that my parents where gonna throw me out of the house shortly afterwards, I probably would have looked more worried. Everything turned out OK, though. It was just a lot of ‘anx ‘over nothing.

The temperature’s are beginning to moderate here in SE Georgia. The severe summer heat is waning. We are drawing ever nearer to what I consider ideal riding weather. Can’t wait!

Siggy Ride Safe Ladybug

16 thoughts on “I Remember The 70s

  1. I remember all of these things, too. I graduated high school in 1975. One of my classmates won the Farrah look alike contest. I still had braces and frizzy hair that year! lol


  2. Hey, I remember most of that list…I graduated in 1985…but I know for a fact my brothers had that poster…and the house was decorated with shag carpeting, and my mom wore bell bottoms, and I had a Dorothy Hamill haircut…ok, I know most of those things on the list lol.

    Have a beautiful day friends…smiles (hold on to the weather thought, I do believe there are a few storms out in the Atlantic, wink)

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    1. Oh … yeah …. shag carpeting … sigh The curse of the 70s. lol Our first apartment at Fort Caroline (Jacksonville) had that. The recreation area for the apartment complex actually had it on the WALLS! How horrifying, right?! giggle I guess you see where bell bottoms have returned to the fashion scene? Far out man. roflol
      Hurricanes are an important part of the eco system. Hope we can get some of that rain from the Atlantic.
      Luv ~:)

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      1. oh yeah on the shag….before we moved to FL when I was 8 or so, the rec room had shag on the walls, lololol….agree, Hurricanes are very important, better you southerners than us, LOLOLOL.

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  3. I think I lost my first comment……I graduated in 1975 and the list is very familiar to me, too. I had a classmate who won the Farrah National Competition (this while I still had braces on my teeth!) lol


  4. I remember them all too. While I didn’t have Farah’s poster I did have one that said “Flower Power Wilts” lol! Oh yea, had the shag on the floor. Have a great day Sparky. Hope my last post didn’t make you blush! Just being real!

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    1. Flower Power Wilts?! lol That’s a good one! I haven’t seen the last post yet. Now there’s trepidation (or is that anticipation) about looking …. giggle Have a blessed day. ~:)


  5. I remember most of that stuff Sparky! I was in 5th grade so mood rings, Disco and Barry Gibb were all I could think about… LOL! And ohhhhhh the Green Shag Carpet! Horrible stuff and Lord forbid you drop a pin in it! I discovered many pins with my bare feet too many times to count..thanks for the holes in my feet mom! HAHAHA! Have a great day Sparky and I love the pic of you! 🙂

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  6. I graduated in May 1970 and was a young (very young) married ‘girl’ going to business college while my just home from Viet Nam Marine new husband went to school on the GI bill during the 1970s. I remember everything on your list! My brother had a very sweet GTO in the 70s. Don’t see that on your list. It was a good decade.

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    1. I know, they should have listed the ‘cool’ cars available! I drove a real muscle car that was a sleeper (looked like something Grandma would drive) hopped up with a 4 barrel holley, duel exhausts … [dreamy look] … I embarrassed many a sports car. 😉


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