Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner


It was refreshing to take a few days away from the internet or watching any news. I did peek occasionally, but when I felt the blood pressure rise, simply turned away. “It’ll still be there a few days from now,” I thought. Unfortunately, that’s true. I see that neither Hillary nor her Willy have not been arrested and the slithering snake face anti-Christ is still ‘President’. What a world.

Tropical Storm Hermine hit nearly full force last night at supper time. “She” is almost completely gone as of this writing leaving behind 6 inches of life giving rain. Now the coast gets to have all the fun. The property is littered with tree limbs. An easy fix. And we only lost power for a little over 2 hours. Not bad considering the high winds associated with this storm. Thank you LORD for the all house generator! Truly, I think that the Tampa Bay area suffered worse than any of our areas. They where inundated with rain for hours and they’re nearly at sea level.

The high winds, surprisingly, knocked our telephone land lines out of service which also disabled the internet. My husband is retired BellSouth, so, the phones being down was a real shocker. All land lines have battery back-up systems. The young fella that was dispatched from our local company said it was probably a power shelf that went bad. That’s working now. I felt so sorry for the poor guys having to work out in this weather. Hubby performed those same duties for 41 faithful years in all kinds of weather and conditions and dealing many times with grumpy customers. They truly have my sympathy.

I hope everyone is safe and have plans for a fun filled three day weekend. Once the rain stops and our dirt road dries a bit, we’ll probably go riding. What are your plans?

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16 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

  1. Thankfully, Lakeland only got rain squalls and some wind, but we didn’t lose power and had no flooding to deal with. We sit much higher than Tampa and don’t have storm surge to worry about. Hope you get some good riding in this weekend. Please tell us about it next week!

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    1. Oh, that sounds delightful! Will there be cake? Of course you know I’ll have to come over and taste test if first … you know, just to make sure it’s OK and all. giggle Happy Birthday to the nephew. 🙂


    1. Florence SC is nice … when there’s not a major tropical depression hanging over one’s head. Well, at least you have internet. When you drive past Pierce County GA give a wave. That’s where we live.
      I pray you have a safe trip and it’s soon. Take care.

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  2. Wow did it look bad on the news! I was grateful to be living in the desert that’s for sure, though we have our own nightmares when it comes to weather… Had to chuckle at you reference to ‘Hillary and her Willy’ not having been arrested yet… LOLOL Nope, still running amuck!

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    1. It was a lot of much needed rain with some wind gusts. Not bad at all. I’ve ridden hundreds of miles in weather like this. No biggy. You know how the news is. The storm was completely blown out of proportion.
      I couldn’t resist calling her rapist husband that. It was just too easy. giggle
      Have a blessed evening!

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