Welcome To The Clinton Broadcasting Network

Has anybody else read this article or heard about it on Fox News today? It’s kind of a “Well Duh” moment that we all knew that CBS, NBC, and any other acronym actually stands for Democrat Run Broadcasting Network. The Drive-by media is so corrupt, lazy, worthless and immoral they might as well all merge and become the one large network that they already are.

CBS Evening News edited out what sure sounded like a Freudian slip and a lawyerly correction when Bill Clinton was talking about how often his wife collapses from dehydration.

“She’s been well, if it is it’s a mystery to me and all of her doctors, because frequently, not frequently, rarely, but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing has happened to her where she got severely dehydrated,” the former president said of Hillary Clinton, who is seeking the office he once held.

After all his raping, pillaging and mistresses, I’m shocked that Slick Willy even remembers that the HildaBeast is his wife. And I do not for one minute believe that that woman has pneumonia. After listening to the experts about such things, she seems to be suffering from some kind of neurological disorder.

The good news is if/when she drops out (or dead) she will have to be replaced rendering all those that voted early null and void. Their votes won’t count and they can not recast a vote. Unless they break that law too! Who knows. Anything wicked the Dem’s do will not surprise me one bit.

And they have the nerve to call us deplorable.

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13 thoughts on “Welcome To The Clinton Broadcasting Network

    1. Hey, you rest. Don’t worry about all this mess. I just feel privileged that you can / will take the time and drop a line (poet and don’t know it …. LOL). Take care. Don’t work too hard my friend! Luv ~:)

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    1. I’m fed up to the teeth with the Clinton’s. If they’d had any dignity, they would have retired from public service after Slick did his part to ruin our country but I guess I answer my own question. sigh Anyway, for those looking for Franklin Graham’s rally here’s the link: https://decisionamericatour.com/. Thank you for the link Mildred. Everyone, please continue to pray for this election and our Country. There are too many lost souls these days is our main problem!
      May the LORD bless and keep everyone. ❤


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