Just A Few Giggles


I don’t watch football but thought the above was apropos.


And the video below reminds me of my two boys, Jack and Sam:

Siggy Ride Safe Ladybug


6 thoughts on “Just A Few Giggles

  1. Hey, Sparky! Tried and true….if I find your blog in my INBOX, to take a look, I can click on it and I can comment. If I enter your blog from clicking on your name at my place, I don’t get the comments to appear…isn’t that WEIRD!? It happens all the time…!

    Anyway, I love your images! All really good!
    The two dogs hugging over the cat cracked me up! My 98 yr old very dear friend just passed…..I have her cat…the best, most affectionate, sweet, clean cat ever. Nancy insisted I get a cat when my husband died but I kept telling her these last years that I didn’t really want another cat…SO, when she suddenly died (she was in excellent health, and mentally amazing), I decided “What the heck” SO she GOT HER WAY! after all!!!

    Blessings! Z


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