A Little Delta Breeze On Our Knees

Saturday, our F.A.I.T.H. Riders group gathered together at the Church in preparation for an hour’s long ride to Brunswick. We had plans to enjoy a brunch at the Cracker Barrel located on I-95. It was KSU (Kick Stands Up) at 8 am. Now that I’m retired, I forgot that there was an 8 am! *lol* Whew, who knew …  🙂

Now that it’s September, the weather is getting pleasant. The ride over was uneventful.

Hubby snapped the above of all the motorcycles from a moving motorcycle! Isn’t that amazing? These are just three of many. That’s me in the first one on the left, with friends Albert and his wife Brenda following. Brenda has a new ‘blinged out’ Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It’s all sparkly white and painted flowers. I told her it’s pretty enough to be a charm bracelet. Dear Brenda is a newby to the motorcycle scene. I think she’s doing very well considering how little experience she has at the moment. She can run with the Big Dogs any day. Well done! There is also a chase vehicle SUV not shown of those that can’t or won’t ride. Hey, no problem, everyone that wants to join us is welcome.

Finally, we arrived and we were all ‘starving’ by then. (I say that tongue in cheek because I know I’m fat enough to hibernate nowadays.) Hubby snapped one of me on the left in the parking lot, then at the tables of some of the FAITH Riders awaiting the scrumptious repast in the restaurant. Hubby is in the middle one on the right wearing a High Vis Yellow shirt. More friends Carolyn and husband Larry in the last one. All these folks have become very dear to us both. Such fine people worth emulating that try to always show the proper Christian spirit. I am truly blessed to call them friends.


Hubby and most of the group took off for more riding around the coast, some of the ladies in the SUV went antique shopping, and I headed back home solo to do some much needed housework. Plus I was overly tired from getting up so early. I just can’t endurance ride like I used too. Too much livin’ high on the hog made me soft, I guess. *giggle*

By the way, I see that this week is the official start of Fall. Yay! It’s still a bit too warm here and the love bugs are extremely annoying. They can all just leave now, thank you.

Hope you enjoyed the journey too. Thanks for stopping by!



15 thoughts on “A Little Delta Breeze On Our Knees

  1. Sparky! Thanks for taking us along on your ride!! Next time we are visiting our son in Brunswick, maybe we can work out a meeting spot for lunch!!? It’s great that you have such a fun bunch to bike with.

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    1. Yeah, that would be fun. There’s LOTS of good restaurants in Glynn county. Just give a holler and we’ll see what we can work out. Have a blessed day! ~:)


  2. Hi! Looks like so much fun and what a blessing these friends are. So glad you enjoyed riding your nice motorcycle and a great meal too. We have a lot of gnats and mosquitoes here. It is just a hint cooler. God bless your evening. xoxoxo

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    1. Thanks Mildred! I wish everyone could feel the joy of whizzin’ along on two wheels. It’s like flying on the ground and to have friends who also enjoy it, well, it don’t get much better than that. 🙂 We’ll be happy to send you some of excess love bugs. giggle
      Y’all have a great day! Luv ~:)


    1. Undoubtedly! If you ever want company during one of the meals, just drop us a line. We can get there in about an hour or so. (We live outside of Patterson, Pierce county.) I’m always up for meal that I don’t have to clean up after. lol Hope all your journey’s are safe.

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    1. You’re sweet. But I am a lot chubbier and slower than before I was so sick ‘way back when’.
      The Deplorable sign is courtesy of our Friend In Florida, Terri. Feel free to ‘take’ one too. I did.
      Don’t work too hard! Thinking and praying for you my friend. ~:)

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