Dis ‘N Dat

tip top tuesday tidbits

It took a lot of convincing, and even though we are actually Grace Believers, Hubby and I finally decided to join with the First Baptist Church that we have been attending since last Christmas. I know, many of you saw this coming. Well, I just can’t let such loving people and the fact that I’m growing in Christ possibly slip through my fingers because of a couple of doctrinal differences. It’s important to them that we go through this man made ritual, therefore, we will oblige. Christ knows our hearts and knows that we put absolute faith in His shed blood to save us. Besides, our Church family have become very dear to me. They are truly my family in Christ now. Sunday, we went forward and proclaimed ourselves before all. You know me, I had to make a joke of the whole thing. When I shook Pastor’s hand I mumbled, “Well, there went the neighborhood …” And he laughed. Such a fine gentleman. Hope he can put up with me. Anyway, October 23rd will be the immersion. I’m threatening to show up with my SCUBA gear on. Nah … better let that one go. *wink*

Hubby is in Jacksonville today getting new tires installed on the pick up truck. The original tires went 100,000 miles! Isn’t that phenomenal!? When I was a tot, tires would only last a few thousand, if you were lucky. I remember it was a common sight to see people on the side of the road changing tires. Thankfully, that’s almost a bygone era now. The spark plugs also went about that long. Amazing. Those also were replaced a few miles ago that are supposed to last even longer. It’s pricey but well worth it to have reliable transportation. It’s especially essential living way out in the country like we do.

I have my 6 month checkup at the Doctor’s today. They’ve become so efficient with their fancy new offices that I’m usually in and out in a jiffy. Hey, as long as I get my life-sustaining drugs I’m happy. (Well, that’s what they are. Drugs mandated by the government after numerous bribes to officials that are ‘safe’. Ok, I’ll let that one go too …)

Tomorrow evening is Family Night Supper at the Church, then Bible Study. Hubby sometimes attends, I usually stay home. Guess I’m too much of a homebody. 

Thursday a teeth cleaning appointment. Not fun, but easy. Afterwards my teeth always feel so nice I hate to eat anything. Are you like that? Wish the feeling would stay so I could lose several pounds. No such luck.

It’s been overcast day after day after day in SE Georgia, but absolutely no rain. It’s becoming scary with how dry it’s gotten. Please pray for rain for us? Thank you my friends.

So, that’s our week. Hope your’s is cheaper than ours and uneventful.