Red Sky In Morning

Cloudy Sunrise

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8 thoughts on “Red Sky In Morning

    1. We’re battening down a bit, not much. I don’t think the Hurricane will be an issue for us but we are all praying for RAIN!! We need rain desperately. Steve will be out-of-town this weekend, but I’m ready. Got the truck gassed up, putting away lawn chairs, food is in the Lauder, and the all-house generator is sitting on ready. I’m good to go. Luv ~:)


    1. Thank you for the warm thoughts! I think we’re gonna get more than originally bargained for. I was saying it’s gonna miss Georgia completely. Now “they” are predicting it hitting Savannah Friday evening. Guess we’ll know when it’s over … right? giggle Hope your day is blessed. ~:)


  1. Hi dear friend. John saw on the news that the storm might hit Brunswick. Looking thru your comments above here, you two are prepared and I’m thankful you have a generator. God bless you both. I love the picture of your gorgeous property and God’s amazing sky. xoxo

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    1. I think we’re ready. Wish that Hubby would be here too. I’m sure I’ll do fine. Just hope if we lose power we won’t lose the land-line again. Our sorry local telephone company won’t replace the Power Shelf in the DLC cabinet, so when the power goes out so does our phones and internet! Kinda aggravating but not life threatening. Can you tell my husband is a retired phone man? lol
      Thank you for the compliment. It is beautiful in our area, especially when it rains. And I love the solitude. That’s something money can’t buy.
      Luv ya ~:)


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