Florida Hunkers Down


It’s still a Cat 4, isn’t it? It doesn’t seem there’s much for our area to be concerned about. As of this writing, it appears that the eye of Hurricane Matthew will hit around Fort Pierce, Florida, or so, about 320 miles south of us. (I live near the “2 AM Saturday” mark but 50 miles inland.) The storm will probably weaken after making landfall again as it hobbles north towards us. We’ll probably get a bit of wind, maybe some much needed moisture from the rain bands. I do hope that it will rain in our parts. We are so terribly dry this month.

Let’s see, not much preparation needed by us really. Local schools are cancelled tomorrow, that’s a given. God be praised for we have food in the Lauder, gasoline, propane, and the All-House Generator. If we lose power the only thing it will affect is the land-line accessibility which affects the internet service because our sorry local telephone company won’t replace the Power Shelf in the DLC cabinet … Yeah, I’ve already ragged on them about that. *grin* But it really is unconscionable that ATC would allow us to be without phones especially with the exorbitant extortion style rates they charge …. *grumble*

Now you know one reason I’m called Sparky! It’s not just the fact I was a volunteer firefighter for awhile. *wink*

I hope everyone else along the eastern coast is ready. Prayers for those that are about to get slammed. May the LORD God lift you up and keep you safe.

Sparky plain black