Hurricane Matthew: Aftermath

Just checking in. I may not get to your blogs to comment today for which I apologize. Below are the photos from today. So far, just some yard work, tree trimming, limbs to pick up, etc. and we’re back to normal. The house, the dogs and us are undamaged. We got off easy compared to others! The 16K Generac is still humming away keeping the food at the proper temperature and the lights burning. We’ve been without power since 9:40 last night. Thank you LORD Jesus for your many blessings. His mercy is great.

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Hope everyone else is safe and secure. Still praying for those going through the devastation further North.

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5 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew: Aftermath

  1. Sorry to read that your power is out! Glad you have a generator. We got really lucky this time and didn’t even have limbs down here. Devastating over on the coast though. Hope your power is restored quickly.

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