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  1. I always wanted to ride bikes….in College, my mother said “If you come home on a motorcycle, don’t bother to come home!” HA!! A problem is I was always too fearless on them…one college friend who had a huge powerful bike grabbed me onto the back of his bike one day, me in a tennis skirt, racket in hand (he found me at the courts) and I said “Does this go over easy?” (thinking of my very bare legs) and he said “No, but if it DOES start to go, I can’t keep it up!” Thankfully, we got back to school safely….racket still in hand!
    I’d LOVE a bike now, but… no way.
    I think I asked you if you’d ever heard of BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse, I think is the acronym?)…a friend’s very busy in AZ with it and LOVES it…they surround homes where fathers are threatening the children or mother inside, all night, so the kids can sleep peacefully, they accompany kids whose parents are threatening to kidnap them to school, etc….such a worthy cause!

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    1. lol LOVE that story! And I knew you where cool. 🙂 I think I would feel dead if I didn’t at least have one in the stable but everyone has to find their comfort zone in life.
      Never heard of BACA. They sound like noble people with a worthy cause. There are also bikers who go around protecting veterans burials from nutcases “protesting” and such. Most people who ride are pretty decent folks.
      May the LORD bless and keep you Z. You sure are a treasure.


      1. thanks, you’re a treasure, too! Wonderful that bikers protect funerals of vets….
        The thought of bikers surrounding a house so children can feel less fear makes me weepy, doesn’t it you? http://bacaworld.org/mission/ It’s so touching.
        I think most people who ride are decent folks, too….Rolling Thunder is FABULOUS!! So exciting to see them on TV, rolling into D.C. for events, etc.
        God bless you, too, Sparks! XXX

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  2. Thanks for the grin…l😁—it 5:30 and I still here at school, I get to participate in a debate / symposium about the “The State of the Election” was invited by a professor it’s only suppose to be for “honor students”….anyways, pour ing rain, still. Always enjoy your posts sweet friend…Waving to Steve.

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    1. See, they know you’re smart and hardworking. Bet they’re jealous. Waving back at ya gal. Luv ~:)
      PS: Don’t worry about why the grin came out that way. Keystrokes can get all weird. giggle

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  3. Love the video! I’ve been on a motorcycle twice in my 59 years! Back in the 1990’s, my teen nephew had a shirt that said “no fear.” I told him that I need one that says “afraid of everything!” lol
    Your love of riding has blessed you with great friends and a church family! Awesome!

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