Such A Week As This


I haven’t been well all week. My neck ‘snapped’ violently last Sunday after the Baptism and since then I’ve been having trouble with feeling lightheaded and fainting. Honestly, I wish I could put in an order with my Maker and order a new neck. For those new to my blog, I’ve had two neck surgeries. One in 2009 for a decaying bulging disc that now has a titanium plate to hold it in place. The second was in 2013 for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Lovely, huh. At any rate, I’m ever so grateful we don’t keep these decaying bodies in Heaven. Thanks to Jesus and His perfect sacrifice we all get new models upon arrival.

Hubby is Lead rider on a Ride Around The Swamp today with our FAITH Riders group and all who wish to participate. I had to forego the ride because of the fainting. Right now I’m bored out of my ever lovin’ skull. But being bored is markedly better than losing it, am I right? *giggle* So, I’m entertaining myself watching old Black & White horror flicks on Turner Classic Movies.

There is a prayer request please, we’ve received word that my husband’s 88 or so year old father is ailing again. He’s experiencing severe stomach pains with nausea and some other symptoms I’ve forgotten. It became so bad that the doctors admitted him to Hospital immediately early this morning. Poor man.

Tomorrow is Sunday School and Church. And for an extra treat a very dear friend is hosting a Halloween Party at her home. (Yes, I have a costume. I’ll be a skeleton again. So original … NOT! *lol*) All in all it will make for a lovely day. I just hope I can stand up without being lightheaded. This state of affairs gives a whole new meaning to be a blonde. Maybe I can use that as an excuse for poor judgement? No?

Ride Safe,



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  1. I’m really sorry about your neck. I know you hate to stay at home today as pretty as it is. I hope you can get out and about tomorrow; enjoy church and the party with friends. xo

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  2. I am so sorry about your neck and the pain, plus the fainting….girl, please dont overdo….be careful….you dont need to be in the hospital with the holidays coming on. I know you miss riding with the group, but better safe than sorry. Rest will let you go to SS and church and then to the party. Again, be careful….prayers given for you. Love, Linda

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    1. Definitely drain the political swamp (or, as we say “swomp”). giggle I’m glad we still have our lovely bio-eco system of decaying matter, with diverse plants and wildlife. One can eat like Royalty living near that. It’s also good for hiding bodies …. (lol … just kidding)
      Thank you for the prayers. It seems my FIL may be failing again, possibly for the last time. I do pray he’s ready for eternity. Stay safe. ~:)

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  3. chanting, “Drain the swamp, drain the swamp, drain the swamp”—Hey, pal, if your not feeling better soon—you might want to go in and get checked out. I will need to follow my own advice….I had a violent asthma attack Thursday (the minions smoking on a no smoking campus)–and have been down all weekend. I sure hope you get to feeling better, wish we were near to attend your party, smiles.

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  4. OH no! You poor thing! I am so sorry to hear about this. A very good friend of mine also has Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. You are only the second person I have ever heard about this from. Sending you hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery…and I agree with Linda, you may want to go get that looked as very soon my friend! 🙂 🙂

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    1. You’re quite right! Thank you for the prayers. 🙂 Hope your friend can have surgery soon. Yesterday, I started feeling really good again. I’m told the only thing that cures TOS is surgery. I had mine in 2013 while I still had good insurance. I just have weakness there now from losing a rib and the neck surgery from 2009. Growing old isn’t for ninnies! lol Thanks so much. Hope your day is blessed. Happy Halloween!

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      1. No, getting ‘mature’ is NOT for the faint of heart…sigh. LOL! My friend had the surgery this year but it did not take care of it all. i feel for you both!
        Glad today is better for sure… 🙂
        Happy Halloween and blessings to you and your family!!

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