Want Some Whine With That

“Buy a house”, they said. “It’ll be an investment,” they said. Well, who are “they” and why is this costing so much?! *lol* My back hurts. My neck is popping and snapping so I’m eyeing the painkillers with trepidation. And my energy is drained. I’m sorely (pun intended) tempted to sell the whole kit-and-caboodle and buy a trailer. After much pointless whining, complaining, and reflection the back exterior of the house is much improved.


Above is the “Before” with the old crappy composite type edging we used for a couple of years. Note to self: never buy cheap stuff trying to save money. You’ll end up just spending more and throwing your neck out (again) when it has to be replaced with a quality product. *kicking self here*


They don’t look heavy, do they? They are. Deceitful things. *giggle*


Ta da! The finished product. This edging is a higher quality and should last the rest of my what may be a short lifetime. *groan*  smiley-with-rogue Hubby lined it up all nice and straight, didn’t he. He does quality work that man.

This weekend is an antique car show at our annual Pecan Festival Of Georgia in the Blackshear City Park. If I can drag my sorry self down there I’ll share some photos.

Here in Southeastern Georgia, is is still uncharacteristically hot (82* or more), dangerously dry, and the biting bugs are epic. Guess we’ll be missing Fall this year.


20 thoughts on “Want Some Whine With That

    1. Just creates more work and more financial outlay going the cheap route, doesn’t it!? You’d think I’d learn after 60 years on this earth. Believe me, I’m fussing at myself over this one (and the whining is just to be funny – I’m not really unhappy). Have a blessed day Lorra. Thanks for popping by! ~:)

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  1. It looks very nice! These days, every project we undertake seems harder and “heavier” than we anticipate! I know the pecan festival will be fun. I hope you will feel great and enjoy the visit. xo

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    1. Thanks! I can’t wait to do the rest of the area around the house. We’re gonna wait for another paycheck and cooler weather. Maybe by then my neck will feel better too. grin Hope your day is blessed my friend. Luv ~:)


  2. Whining at our house is a quarter , Steve is gouging ya,lolololol. Very nice, good job. Smiles ( waving to Steve & boys🐶). (On break)

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      1. My last class gets out at 3, so, yep, it Will be nice. Not that it makes a diff. With hmwk,lololol…but, it is pizza night,lolol.🐶


  3. It does look nice, but was it worth it? Your neck/back will be painful for days to come. Isnt it crazy that we do what we know we shouldnt? I am the same. Rest and take those pain meds.

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    1. Guilty!! lol Yeah, I’ll pay for this for days now. Still praying for you and Jim. Hope you have good news about his bleeding soon. Luv ~:)


    1. You found me! This gladdens my heart! Yes, this edging has a neater look. It’s also more permanent than the paper composite that it’s replacing but boy is it back breaking for these old bones. Hopefully, this will be the last time it has to be done. Blessings. ~:)


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