Went To A Garden Party

Too bad it wasn’t a real party. Alas, since I am sidelined again with neck and shoulder pain,  smiley-tongue-sticking-out Hubby very kindly prepared the winter vegetable garden.


By the way, using the “gin trash” (cotton gin left overs) as a ground cover worked out great! Everything grew like gangbusters this summer and now we have a nice rich layer of soil to lay more vegetables in. Extra bonus: it was free. The cotton gin is more than happy to part with all the leftovers so they don’t have to deal with it. Groovy. smiley-acting-silly

Little Sammy (aka Sambo) and I “helped”. Well, being the entertainment helps … doesn’t it? His brother Jack was taking a nap somewhere. He really dislikes the heat and biting bugs. Can’t say that I blame him.


Now we have a good patch of Broccoli (left) and Brussel Sprouts going. If it’ll ever cool off and start raining again, the garden should do well. Good thing the hose is on a watering timer.

Do you plant a winter garden?


12 thoughts on “Went To A Garden Party

    1. Raised boxes work very well. That was my first go-to idea. Somehow we ended up with this one, can’t remember why. Anyway, I’m sure any endeavor y’all do will look very professional. Blessings. ~:)


  1. {{{Steve}}} waving, smiles. Snorting–shorts, no wearing shorts here, lolol. No garden here, just the asparagus ferns that are being kept alive in the house, lololol.

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    1. I know, did my white legs blaze a whole in your eyes?! roflol I don’t look like a Floridian anymore. Guess what, it was 55* this morning. Yay! Still need rain though. It’s sooooooo dry here. Luv ~:)

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    1. It’s probably cheaper to just go to the grocery store anyway. And y’all have such wonderful stores there. We have whatever can be grown or shot. We do need rain, though. Gosh, it’s dry. Luv to you, all your cute menagerie and Hubby. ~:)


  2. No, no winter garden especially since no rain for months and who knows when it will again. You take care of you…that neck and shoulder. Jack and I hate the bugs and I would stay inside and look out the window! Luv!

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