Motors, Pecans And Metal Cans

Saturday, I joined many of my fellow Pierce Countians and others at the local Georgia Pecan Festival in downtown Blackshear. This year they featured a small antique car show. There was also some very talented musicians, nifty crafts, sugary treats, and all kinds of fun things for all ages.

One of the antique cars on exhibit was a 1970 Z28 Camero. My husband owned a 1969 Z28 (photo here) in the very similar color and striping. Of course, there was an exchange of banter on this one. Hubby was in heaven remembering all the escapades from his youth. And the owner even very kindly allowed me to sit in his version of the 60’s muscle car. That was quite a thrill. I enjoyed it immensely. In the 1980’s I owned a muscle car but it wasn’t cool looking. Although it had a  350 cubic inch Olds engine with a Holly 4 Barrel and dual exhaust, it had more of a Grandma’s car look with it’s tan exterior, four doors and bench seats. In muscle car vernacular it was a ‘sleeper’. It’s the only vehicle I got a speeding ticket in. And I deserved it too.  *blush*  That was in my wilder days. Now you’ll be happy to know I drive like a Grandma.  *giggle*

There’s also a photo at the end of large metal cans painted with bright colors and designs to look like flowers. I told Hubby, he must make me some of these. So cool. I’m a sucker for yard art.

Enjoy the pics!

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8 thoughts on “Motors, Pecans And Metal Cans

  1. Liam goes, “Cool!!! That DeLoren is cool” Yeah, knew he would. Have a beautiful day friend—hey was that a white Nomad or a wagon?

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    1. Steve responded below. It’s a Chevy. I kinda like the other white one, the Falcon. Wouldn’t it be a hoot to drive around in one of those?! People sure would stare. Or better still, one of the pickup trucks. I’m definitely a truck girl. Luv ~:)


  2. I love seeing these shiny cars! John often shares about his “old” cars with me and his “escapades!” Looks like a gorgeous day for the festival. You and Steve both look great! Hope this week is an extra good one. xo

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  3. I really enjoy classic car shows. Loved that one sign…Hotrods and Haircuts! LOL

    Thanks for sharing! My brother had a GTO that he totaled. I’m sure he was going faster than he should have been and thank God he (or anyone else) wasn’t hurt.


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