13 thoughts on “Wacky Mushroom And A Wild Daisy

    1. The mushroom(s) is growing off a dead Oak tree root. So far, we can’t figure out what type of fungus it is. If it would ever start raining again, there would be those “Fairy” Mushrooms there that are so delicate and pretty.
      Have a blessed day! ~:)


  1. I don’t know WHAT it is about weird looking mushrooms and fungi (my auto spell check just reminded me it’s NOT FUNGUSES!!!! I hate machines smarter than I am!)… they give me the TOTAL creeps! Odd,huh? I like mushrooms to eat, but…

    Love the daisies….
    Hint; don’t EAT that mushroom (HAA!) XXX

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    1. It feels like I’ve been using office machines since the Dawn Of Time (1970s) but I swear they’re either getting smarter or I’m getting dumber. Or maybe a little from column A and a little from column B? lol So I hear ya.
      No problem, I won’t eat any strange mushrooms … unless they’ll make me strange giggle and I can forget for awhile that we have until January before the anti-christ is out of office. wink
      Have a blessed day Z! ~:)


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