Happy Caturday


Guess which one would have been me if I had had siblings … yeah, the one on the left. *lol*

Not much going on today. We’re waiting on a couple from Church to drop by so we can start working on the 2000 Kawasaki VN800 Classic project motorcycle that we purchased together. Oh yeah, I haven’t shared that adventure yet, have I?! This bike is really ragged out. It was abandoned in the owners back yard. All the rubber mounts are deteriorated. The brakes are seized. The motor … well, if the motor is a basket case and the guys can’t get it to crank, it will be parted out on E-bay. If it does start [fingers crossed] we’ll proceed from there. It will be cataloged, so, if there’s more to the story, then I’ll be sure to share.

What are y’all doing today?

Have a lovely Caturday!


12 thoughts on “Happy Caturday

  1. Needing to make a grocery run before the winter storm hits tomorrow. I also have Macro Econ homework that has to be done before midnight tomorrow. That’s it for here…smiles

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      1. oh yeah…Dave keeps the pantry and 3 freezers well stocked. Expecting high winds of upwards of 40 mph been snowing since 5:30 am. Expecting upwards of 8-12 inches.

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    1. Windy here too! The leaves are swirling around with dust devils everywhere. That’s the dry cold front moving through. Golly, I wish it would rain. Luv ~:)


  2. Whew! We spent at least 5 hours today shopping. We have an Angel Tree at church and picked a 5-year old boy to shop for. Kids’ clothing is as expensive as adult clothing! My goodness! We got what he requested (or what his mom requested). Then we went to Lowe’s to look at Christmas lights (didn’t buy). Then to Sam’s Club for groceries. Then to Publix for more groceries. Happy to be home!

    Hope the motor cranks!! Keep us posted please!

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    1. Gosh, that’s a lot of shopping. Seems like all we do is buy food these days. How kind of y’all to share with a child. Our church does that every year, I understand. It’s blesses the receiver and the giver. God bless. ~:)


  3. I have FOUR sisters…! AND one CAT!
    Am doing Bible Study homework today….blogging, texting friends and sisters(too much)…friends coming over for take-out Chinese tonight…the four of us…3 Christians and a Rabbi, study the Old Testament about once every 6 weeks. But, mostly we eat, laugh, talk about Conservative politics (YES, my rabbi buddy is SO conservative…love him!) and then get down to studying a Psalm or a verse in an O.T. Chapter….LOVE the input from the Hebrew translations!
    Have fun with the bike! xxx

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    1. Lucky you, four sisters! I wish I had family. It would be so enjoyable to sit and hear the Rabbi’s interpretation of Scripture. I learned a lot from watching Zola Levitt (Jewish Christian) on TV. I’m weak in the OT and am working on that.
      We’re at the stinky part now where the tank was removed and it was loaded with old, old gas. YUCK! If it cranks, we’ve gotta winner. If not, it’s parts for someone else’s bike.
      Luv ~:)


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