7 thoughts on “Smooth Sumac (Rhus glabra)

    1. This one is not poisonous. In fact, I looked it up, it’s was once used in medicinal medicine. It was used to cure severe menstrual cramps and other “disorders”. Wish I’d known that back when I still had all my parts. giggle
      Hope y’all have a glorious day my friend! Enjoy your short respite from larnin’.
      Luv ~:)

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      1. lolol…you just kill me, Sparky…lololol. (parts and larnin)—have a beautiful day, Liam and I have been working on my video project for Macro Econ that is due next Fri/the 2nd. He goes, “Mom! YOU WAITED TO LONG TO START THIS!” Admonishing, like really, boy. lololol

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    1. Mine too! It was in July 1992 Doc put me back together again and there where parts left over. lol Aw, well, that’s what HRT pills are for, right? The red does look stunning splattered in-between the green cedars around our property. It says Fall in big red letters. Happy Thanksgiving to y’all too! ~:)


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