The Day After


As my good friend Just Simply Linda said this morning, we’ve all slipped into food coma’s today. *lol* There was Turkey, Cornbread Dressing, Turkey Gravy, Green Peas and Chocolate Cupcakes. We kept it simple this year since we’re both suffering from some kind of nasty Creeping Crud also known as a head cold. This virus is awful! Hubby is still firming ensconced on the sofa. Bless his heart. I am finally well enough to walk around without digressing into coughing my lungs out. (Nice image, huh?)


Oh, remember the 2000 Kawasaki VN 800 Classic that was going to be refurbished then sold? Well, the motor didn’t crank after all. Plus the tank was too rusted to make it cost effective to continue. It will have to be parted out in order to recover our costs. No biggy. After selling all these parts, there are plans to possibly buy another bike and go from there.

And Hubby wants to start making unfinished picture and shadowbox frames for sale. He will also take some of those shadowbox frames that will feature exotic mounted butterfly’s. We already have some of his work throughout the house from when we when living in Florida. They are quite lovely. The shadowboxes sold very well in Florida. Since that won’t work here he plans to put these items on E-Bay. That’s the plan anyway.

And as soon as I’m well, I plan to start decorating for Christmas. Maybe next week.

Hope y’all are having a very happy, fun filled day.



7 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. So sorry you guys are sick. Your Thanksgiving dinner looks so good. We were pleasantly surprised when our neighbors knocked on the door with 2 plates of Thanksgiving dinner for us yesterday.
    I hope you both feel better soon and I know you will enjoy decorating for Christmas.
    That’s too bad about the motorcycle, but you can try again.
    I look forward to seeing Steve’s shadow boxes etc. I met a lady in the thrift store the other day who has some pieces of tatting that belonged to her husband’s grandmother. I told her she needed to mount them in a shadow box! Love you – feel better soon.

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  2. Sparky, the spread looks Scrumptious! Hope you guys feel better. M and I ate at our sons in North Carolina so sadly, no leftovers. Man I miss those ham biscuits. Sure hope you didn’t have a lot in the bike.

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  3. All of a sudden, mid-morning, Steve and I started feeling much better. I was even able to walk around the property with digressing into raucous, chest caving coughing! Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus for Your healing and thank you everyone for your prayers. I’ll visit everyone’s blogs in a bit. Right now it’s clean the house time! lol Luv ~:)


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