Oh Christmas Tree In Miniature


Humble apologies for the blurry photo. I still can’t master using a smartphone for photos. I’m still coughing like crazy, but took time out from making the pitiful unpleasant noises to put up the first tree. This tree is in my office. The “big tree” with all the decorations will reside in our minuscule living room. It’s awaiting a nice new wooden stand, hand crafted by my sweet husband. The plastic one from seasons past finally fell apart. It’s no wonder since it has spent uncountable summers in a hot, humid, mouse infected attic. (I know … ICK!!) It was time for an upgrade.

Speaking of which, I’ve noticed that many of our decorations are noticeably dated. Maybe after the Holidays I’ll hit some of the sales and do a little decoration upgrading. I should be done coughing by then.


At any rate, Christmas may now officially begin.



7 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree In Miniature

  1. thank you for beginning Christmas for us 🙂 Sweet tree!
    I will start decorating earlier this year because my Chinese student who lives here for school leaves around Dec 16 for China for 2 weeks and I want him to experience the Christmas prettiness! I might even start this coming weekend…
    thanks for the shot in the arm to get me going!
    Feel better! XXX

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    1. Hey, you beat me to your blog this time! A first! LOLOLOL You’re welcome. 🙂 After listening to more of Donald Trump’s handling of things, I feel VERY encouraged. He’s making all the right noises. And because of the equal optimism of others, our meager annuity is finally making money again. Under DingleBarry we almost went completely under. Thank you LORD Jesus for answered prayer. And thank you for the kind thoughts my friend. Luv ~:)

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  2. Hope you get over that cough! Sometimes the “dated” ornaments are the ones that hold the most memories for us. One or two new ones to go with the sweet old ones might work for a bit of an upgrade. So many of our “old” ornaments have sweet stories. Keep us posted!

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    1. That’s true. I’ll probably keep the ones that are special to us and donate the rest. I used to make all our ornaments. And then I have some that have been gifts. Those are really special. Thanks for the idea! God bless. ~:)


  3. {{{giggling}}}I sure hoped it wasn’t your living room tree, lolol..I thought a intervention was needed, LOLOL. I hope you get to feeling better, Dave has to have a endoscope tomorrow—(I think that is what it is called)he has severe acid reflex and it has gotten worse…

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