Happy New Year


Let’s make 2017 just that kind of year. Study, prayer and out-reach for the lost. There are so many people who have yet to hear the Gospel of Grace.

And just 20 more very long days before the man that has the spirit of the antichrist is out of the White House. That can’t happen soon enough.

Every year we are invited to a family cookout with dear friends north of Baxley. However, I’m staying home tonight because of the bone spurs in my right foot. It’s just too painful to stand or walk much. What are your plans?


May the LORD bless and keep you my friends! Ride With Christ.



Patches, I’m Depending On Ya


Our new FAITH Riders patch’s are ready. We had to take them to a lady at The Sewing Bee in neighboring Blackshear to get them sewn on. Miss Vicki did an excellent job, didn’t she!? There doesn’t seem to be a stitch out of place. Hubby also ordered a slew of other little sayings and what-nots to go on the vests. I feel like a walking billboard now. *giggle*

The weather here is lovely now. We have bright sunshine, with bracing cold air. It finally feels festive. I won’t be able to attend the New Years Eve festivities this year with our friends because of the bone spurs, so, will stay home to keep the home fire’s burning. It’s become very awkward and painful to stand or walk. Can’t wait to hear from the Podiatrists office about when we should meet. Waiting is not one of my strong points. Hey, maybe that should be my Word For The Year, Patience.


I certainly could use that. And I could use it RIGHT NOW! *lol*

May the LORD bless and keep you.


I Feel Spurred On

For over a year now, I have been living with a lot of discomfort emanating from the right heel. It didn’t get really bad until Halloween, when I thought I’d act 20 again and do some dance steps. It has been very difficult to walk since that day, and the pain has been increasing for the past week or so. This morning, my Health Care Provider (don’t I sound highfalutin’?) had the foot X-rayed and lo-and-behold, what should appear on the radar? Not eight tiny reindeer. No. Not one but two bone spurs! I know, “owie”.


So, after two shots in the, uh, backside for pain. I now am waiting not so patiently for the Podiatrist office to call and schedule a consultation and possible surgery.

Good thing too because I was really getting concerned that we weren’t spending enough money this year. [/sarc] Ok, all kidding aside. I am truly grateful because God answers prayer. He guided me to the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Plus, I know y’all were praying too. I’m very, very thankful. May the LORD bless you ten fold for your kindness.