Scanning Memories

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Not much going on here. Along with Christmas preparations, which are pretty much done, I’ve been going through many of our old photo albums. Then scanning them to be put at Shutterfly for safe keeping. I suppose they should also be put on a CD and/or Flash Drive in case of fire. That’s down the road though ….

One of the first photo books I’m scanning is from our first house together in Jacksonville, Florida.


January 1, 1982

If this house had had wheels, it would have been a rolling wreck, inside and out. The inside was so dirty. Before moving in we ‘bombed’ it for roaches and the next day the floor looked like a miniature battle field with little corpses everywhere. The previous owners had removed all the interior doors, there where holes in the plaster walls, the plumbing needed repairing, and so forth. It was a long list. Plus the Battle Ship Grey and White exterior just had to go. On our meager budget it took over four years to really get the place livable. The LORD blessed us with eleven years there. Then we moved to our little piece of Heaven here in Southeast Georgia. Never looked back.

As you can tell, all I cared about, really, was the yard.


June 1984

The puppy in the right hand corner was my first Miniature Schnauzer, Ruthie. She was half ‘mini’ and half Fox Terrier-mix. We also had her mother, Trixie. (Trixie was a Pound rescue and such a treasure). They where quite a pair, those two. Anyway, can you tell I like Zinnia’s? I grew some award winning ones that year. I used to have people stop and compliment me on the yard and house. Oh, and guess what the brown color name was at Sherwin-Williams? Hudson Brown! It just had to be.

We’re expecting a lot of rain tonight. I hope that forecast is accurate. We sure need it again.

May the LORD bless and keep you.


8 thoughts on “Scanning Memories

  1. ….calling for another winter storm here tonight, and it already is snowing. Hey–guess what tomorrow is? LAST EXAM!!!!! WOOHOO!! I can finally get around to writing Christmas cards…smiles (and I thank you btw, smiles.)

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    1. You’re welcome. Y’all can send us an e-card if so desired. It’s OK.
      Please be careful tomorrow with all that snow.
      Luv & Prayers ~:)


  2. That house was a lot of work and praise God, we were young enough to handle it all. I remember all the sand spurs we pulled by hand and how we nurtured the grass back to health. It was fun.

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    1. Oh, yeah, I forgot about all the sandspurs. Nasty thangs. Glad we where young too ’cause I sure couldn’t do that now! Luv ya Babe ❤


    1. Thanks Terri. I do think we encouraged others to ‘dig in’ and plant some flowers. It made the neighborhood look so pretty. Have a blessed day! ~:)


    1. Memories do, don’t they!? Thank you. I used to have a green thumb. Now it’s kinda more a ala Lazy. lol Praying that your Epi goes well today. Luv ~:)


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