Chestnut Oak




9 thoughts on “Chestnut Oak

    1. “Eye candy” made me giggle. 🙂 I forgot how it’s a treat for someone that lives in an area that’s always some variation of warm. That’s why I left central Florida. No seasons down that way.
      Yes, feeling SO much improved. Thank you. It took Hubby and I both a little over three weeks to get over the Lung Crud (as I call it). I didn’t know one person could generate so much mucus. Aren’t you glad you asked? lol On that note I’ll say THANKS for popping by. ❤

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    1. Is was colorful before the snow though. And the snow has it’s own beauty.
      I’m lovin’ all this rain we’re getting now! I wanna jump up and down rejoicing. Hurray!
      Can’t wait to hear about the exam and how well you did.
      Luv ~:)

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      1. well..this is true…but you know, I loveeeeeeee the snow and the whiteness and the very fact this makes everything so serene and quiet…you will have to wait until tomorrow—I gotta have something to talk about, LOLOLOL (the exam)

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    1. Thanks! I planted a couple of these when they where no bigger than my thumb about 20 years ago. This one has grown very well. In the Fall, they are spectacular. Have a lovely day. ~:)


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