Palmettos Next To Fallen Catface Pine




11 thoughts on “Palmettos Next To Fallen Catface Pine

    1. I snapped that the day of Christmas. I can’t get over how warm it is this year. There’s even mushroom’s in the yard. lol Happy New Year to y’all too! ~:)


  1. What a fun New Year masthead…I love the Scripture….
    Sorry about the warm weather there….even here in L.A., it’s been a tad cooler than usual AND we’ve had RAIN! Hurrah!!
    I hope you and Mr. Sparky are in good health and ready to see the new year in!! XX

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    1. I made the header at . It’s actually a FaceBook Banner size (851 x 315 pixels). It fits nicely on this WP Penscratch theme.
      We’ve been getting a lot of rain too which is always nice. No complaints there. I’m so glad to hear y’all have had rain too. California had such a terrible drought. Hope that’s over for good.
      Thanks for popping by! Always enjoy your comments. It’s almost Jan. 20th. Now that’s something to truly celebrate.
      Luv ~:)


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