Happy New Year


Let’s make 2017 just that kind of year. Study, prayer and out-reach for the lost. There are so many people who have yet to hear the Gospel of Grace.

And just 20 more very long days before the man that has the spirit of the antichrist is out of the White House. That can’t happen soon enough.

Every year we are invited to a family cookout with dear friends north of Baxley. However, I’m staying home tonight because of the bone spurs in my right foot. It’s just too painful to stand or walk much. What are your plans?


May the LORD bless and keep you my friends! Ride With Christ.



14 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. We have to make a run to Wallyworld to pick up prescriptions and some little things…then we will order pizza and wings, walk across the street to get it and settle in to watch the football games. Other than that, not much, Sparky. A lot of snow (about a foot, Dave said) on the ground here, bitter cold too. So, not complaining, gigging…truly I am not. At the present moment, it is sunny, however, that is suppose to change later today.

    How true your post is…so many lost folks…and really looking forward to Jan 20th. Keeping you in prayer, sending you both hugs, love and many thoughts of joy for a happy New Year.

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    1. I short jaunt to Wallyworld shouldn’t be too bad. Y’all are used to the snow. I would be in panic mode if I had to drive or walk in it but I’m a Floridian flat-lander. lol We’re expecting rain today or this evening. That may put the kibosh on any festivities outside down this way.
      Thank you for the prayers. I can feel the love. God is good and always answers prayer according to His Will it’s just my job to be Patient. sigh There’s that word again (Patience) …. giggle
      Luv ~:)

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  2. I’ve never been a NY Eve reveler but we always had parties because Mr. Z loved him a good party! So, now that he’s gone, I go to my favorite Mexican restaurant, buy my favorite foods, come home and enjoy it…alone, with the TV and whatever else ! Might rain around here, too, so I’m happy not to be on the streets tonight.
    I hope your spurs stop hurting you! And I wish you THE best new year yet…
    May our country RECOVER in Him….I heard about the huge amount of Chicago shootings over Christmas weekend and couldn’t help thinking “if those kids were home with their parents celebrating Christmas with church, a good meal and presents and love in the family, there wouldn’t have been these deaths…they didn’t happen when ‘those were the days,’ did they”
    Lord, heal our land, heal our children. Amen
    Happy New Year to Sparky, her hubby and all the dear commenters around here. Z

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    1. Once upon a time, I was a party girl. I can work a room like a pro. giggle My favorite thing is help people smile and make them feel happy.
      Yes, totally agree, may people give their hearts to Christ so that our country may recover. God is always there. It’s up to us to look to Him for guidance.
      HAPPY NEW YEAR to y’all too! Thank you for your kind comments. I’m deeply honored that so many nice people want to hear what this struggling sinner has to say or think. I’m truly blessed.
      Luv ~:)


  3. We have rarely gone out for NY Eve. Staying home is so much better. I sure hope your doctor can get those spurs fixed and soon! Foot pain is awful! Your post speaks truth. We are also looking forward to January 20th. Praise God!

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