Stop Pussyfootin’ Around


That’s me this morning! I have quit pussyfootin’ around waiting for the Podiatrist office to call me. I got on the horn and got things moving (unlike my body at the moment). This heel pain is progressively getting worse. Now the heel is lookin’ a mite purple. Hmmm … Time to get some action! After a polite conversation with the Nurse, I have an appointment at a local Foot & Ankle doctor in Waycross for 8 am tomorrow. That’s service! There’s a crisp new file folder in my drawer with the doctor’s name, contact info, and forms, awaiting surgery instructions and such, something I do with every new surgery. The adventure begins folks!

Hubby had to spend the time on the phone with his insurance company this morning. And then with Socialist Security getting all his ducks in a row. That’s finished. I hope. I see that we’re making less this year because of Medicare. He received an increase, of sorts, but it and then some is all going to pay for Medicare which is being used to shore up ObamaDoesntGiveARatsCare. So, our income just took a heavy hit. Geez, thanks Demoncrats. May you rot in … I am exceedingly grateful that Hillary didn’t win. There’s that bright spot anyway.

Sorry. I blame the foot pain. It’s making me as grumpy as a bear with a sore paw.

At least I can still ride and drive. It’s only walking or standing that’s painful.

All the Christmas decorations are down and put away in the attic for another year. This time, instead of just throwing everything into the boxes with a vague (always broken) promise of organizing them next year, I took the time to do so this season. I’m glad I did that now. Oh, and no more cardboard or paper is to be put in the attic. I didn’t know that paper attracts roaches. Hopefully, I’ve helped solve that little problem too.

This morning we have been ‘putting out fires’. Hope you’re day is going smoothly and with a lot less smoke.



10 thoughts on “Stop Pussyfootin’ Around

  1. So glad you’re going to see a new doctor tomorrow! Of course, I wish you all the best with that…

    I’m with you on the Christmas stuff….every year it gets a little better organized but not as I’d like it to be! I take it all down after January 6. Let us know what happens tomorrow! Praying! xx Z

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    1. One of the things I’m doing with my Christmas decorations is culling the old ones that aren’t anything special. It’s allowing a lot more room in the boxes.
      Thank you so much for the prayers! I truly feel the love of Jesus Christ around me and I know that my fellow believers bringing me to the throne of grace also benefits.
      Luv ~:)


  2. I am praying you get the info and help you need tomorrow when you go to the dr. I know the pain you are suffering….been there, done that and it is such a relief to get it taken care of…and soon. Glad you got your decorations down and put away for another year. It is a job to get it all out, but twice the job putting it all back. lol Sending prayings and hugs!

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    1. I am sorry you know this pain too. I wish no one would ever experience it. One doesn’t realize how important one’s feet are until walking is painful. Thank you for the comforting words.
      Yeah, why is it putting things back takes twice as long as taking them out!? I’ve notice that too. I’m glad that part of the holiday is over.
      Luv & Prayers ~:)


  3. Oh bless you, my sweet friend. I’ve been away too long. Didn’t know of your foot problems. And surgery??? Is that for sure? I guess you’re ready to get to feeling better, huh? I’ll be checking on you.

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    1. Sorry I missed your wonderful comment! WP put it in trash. Next time, if you can, e-mail me to look in the trash please. Thanks. 🙂 Had my visit today. Right now it’s therapy. Surgery “may” be down the road. We’ll see. THANK YOU for the prayers! I know Jesus is with me. May you be blessed too. 🙂 ❤


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