Getting A Leg Up


These medical devices look almost medieval, don’t they?! At least modern torture devices are padded and are covered by the deductible. *lol* So, the verdict is [drum roll please] “Plantar fascial fibromatosis, with Contracture on the right ankle“. Quite a mouthful, isn’t it. Nothing like seeing a professional to get the right answers.

That lovely blue device in the photo is called a Night Splint, and is what I have to wear, five times a day for 30 minutes an interval with feet elevated. It pulls the foot as far back as humanly possible. Quite comfortable, really. In between, when walking, I was sold an Airheel with stabilizer. I also apply ice to the bottom of my foot. And there are anti-inflammatory medications, oral and topical, and a few stretching exercises, which as a former dancer, I’m very familiar with. I’ve decided to have fun with it. Maybe it’ll even help me lose weight. The best thing of all, NO SURGERY and NO SHOTS! Yay! At least for now. If I’m dedicated, which I plan to be, I may be able to avoid any cutting. Please pray that I will remain dedicated and this therapy will be effective? Thank you so much. I really appreciate how concerned everyone has been. I am truly blessed.

Looks like my Word Of The Year was a good choice, ‘ey?


And I hope your day is blessed too.